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                         THE STORY OF AIRHEART

Long ago, the grand old King of a high civilization found himself in a war he
could not win. Seeking to preserve the hopes of his watery world, he used the
last of his power to safeguard his newborn son. And so it was that the infant
Prince came to be placed in suspended animation in a glass dome hidden in the
widest wastes of the ocean.

The old stories tell of the sleeping Princeling who will one day return to lead
people into a new golden age. They warn of the deadly robot Defenses left by
awakened only by a true hero, one fit to protect a young Prince in a perilous
world. And they promise the coming of that hero, who shall be called AIRHEART,
even as they whisper of the three Spirit Guardians who watch over the Prince,
first guiding, then mourning the long succession of warriors who have attempted
the old King's trials.

Could YOU be the legendary hero who will earn the name of Airheart ? You must
pilot the jet-sled and defeat ingenious defenses to bring the Spirit Guardians
three proofs of fitness - the Sword (strengh), the Goblet (generosity) and the
Harp (Harmony). Only then will you earn the rigt to fight thr final furious
battle. And only as the victor may you awaken the sleeping Prince and restore
him to his rightful realm.


MANEUVRING: The joystick controls the movement of your jet-sled as well as
----------- shooting its weaponry. To get a feel for your craft, move the
joystick around without pressing the buttons, and observe how the jet-sled

Holding down button 1 will activate the jets, which will increase your speed
and allow the jet-sled to climb or dive. With button 1 held down, leaving the
joystick centered will allow the jet-sled to accelerate forward; pulling the
joystick back will cause the sled to climb; moving the joystick left and right
will turn the sled, and pushing the joystick forward will cause the sled to
dive under water.

You can move around under water the same way you can above. To resurface, pull
back on the joystick while your jets are on, or simply press button 0.

SHOOTING: When you are above water, pressing button 0 fires your weapon. The
--------- range of your shots can be controlled by tilting the sled forward or
backward with the joystick.

                                CONTROL PANEL

At the bottom of the screen, you will see the jet-sleds control panels, with
its various informational devices. Starting with the leftmost instrument and
proceeding to the rigt, here is an explanation of what each instrument does:

LIFE METER - Indicates how many extra lives you have. A red light will go on
             for each extra life you earn.

TREASURE COUNTER - Shows which treasures you have successfully retrieved.

COMPASS - When you are above water, the jet-sleds directional heading is
          displayed. When you are under water, arrows appear directing you to
          the current combat area.

SLED METER - Indicates how many extra jets-sleds you have earned.

CLOCK - Shows elapsed time in your adventure. Time is a major factor in
        determining your high score.

                                    THE GAME

STARTING YOUR ADVENTURE: You start the game at the Home Islands with one life +
------------------------ one jet-sled + instructions from the Spirit Guardians
to retrieve a magical item. Each item is held within a Treasury located
somewhere across the ocean. To reach the treasury, follow the bright Glimmer
that appears when you shoot the Bubbles emanating from the Home Islands.

FIGHTING THE ROBOTS: You must defeat the various Robot Defenses that surround
-------------------- the white treasury island before you can enter and
retrieve the item. To eliminate the robots, shoot them and quickly maneuver
your sled to "pick up". The small Pod that is left behind when a direct hit is
scored. If you wait too long to get the Pod, it will regenerate into a fully
functional Robot. When all the robot Defenses have een eliminated, you can
enter the treasury by bumping your sled up against it.

GOING HOME: To return the item to the Spirit Guardians, find a Green Island
----------- and activate its Robot Defenses by hitting the island with a bullet
or your sled. All Green Islands will return you to the Home Area. Once you
defeat the Robot Defenses, enter the island by bumping it with your sled and
you will emerge at the Exit Island in the Home Area.

THE SLED CHALLENGE: Before returning the item to the Spirit Guardians, you will
------------------- find three Mini-Robots. Maneuvring your sled so that it
touches all three glimmers within the time limit will earn you an extra
jet-sled. The timer starts when you first touch a Glimmer so give some thought
to your approach, then be quick about it!

Each successive Sled Challenge is guarded by different Mini-Robots. On the
first challenge, the Mini-Robots will try to bump you away from the Glimmers.
The second set of Mini-Robots gobble up the Glimmers on contact. The third set
hae repeller rays which push your sled away. You can shoot the Mini-Robots, but
if you bit a Glimmer, even with a ricochet, the challenge is lost.

RETURNING THE TREASURE: After the Sled Challenge is finished, the Spirit Guard.
----------------------- will be waiting for you at the Home Islands. Anchor
your sled on the Glimmer between the islands and the Spirit Guardians will
accept the item and bestow upon you an extra life.

FURTHER ADVENTURE: After you have returned the Sword, the Spirit Guardians will
------------------ ask you to retrieve the Goblet and then the Harp. With each
new task you will face increasing numbers of Robots.

RESCUING THE PRINCE: Once you have retrieved the three items, you will have an
-------------------- opportunity to rescue the Princeling. When fighting this
final battle, you must defeat all seven Robot types.

                        DESCRIPTION OF ROBOT DEFENSES

BUMPER  - Fast and loud, this little guy is always trying to push you around.
          No danger, nuisance only.

WHOMPER - Its powerful piston punch will shatter your sled on contact

BUBBLER - What could be more harmless than a few bubbles floating over the sea
          ...unless of course, they can trap and kill you.

SUCKER  - Its graceful green funnel creates a vacuum that's particularly lethal
          to your sled.

SPITTER - Its explosive bullets seem to know where to find you, and when they
          do, you pay with your live.

FORCER  - This one is no threat to life of sled, but its strong repeller rays
          make approach almost impossible.

ZAPPER  - The most dangerous of them all. One touch and you and your sled are
          lost to its devastating microwave assault.

                                SPECIAL KEYS

IN DEMO MODE:     CTRL-H         Display high scores
-------------     CTRL-C         Clear high scores

AT ANY TIME:      CTRL-S         Toggles sound on or off
------------      CTRL-R         Restart the game
                  CTRL-X         Flip horizontal control on joystick
                  CTRL-Y         Flip vertical control on joystick
                  CTRL-E         Exchange X and Y axes
                  CTRL-B         Exchange joystick buttons
                  CTRL-N         Return to normal joystick settings
                  CTRL-D         During game, return to demo mode
                  <ESC>          Pause. Press any key or button to resume play.

                                STRATEGY NOTES

When the sled is under water, the Robot Defenses usually cannot sense or harm
you. Of course, you cant harm them either.

If during the battle, you lose sight of the Treasury, Island or Dome, duck
unter water and use the compass arrows to reorient yourself. You can then
return to the battle and pick up the action where you left off. This technique
will also help if you get lost while following a Glimmer, or if you somehow
lose your way between the Exit island and Home Islands.

If you get lost at any point in the game, you can go to any Green Island, acti-
vate and defeat its Robots Defenses, and enter the island to return to the Home
Area. When you emerge from the Exit Island, shoot a Bubble and follow the
Glimmer to where you need to go. However, if you use this procedure during a
battle, you'll have to begin the battle over again.

                                HIGH SCORES

High scores are based on the number of tasks you complete, and the amount of
time it took you to complete them. If the game ends and you haven't saved the
Prince, your score will be based on the time took to complete your last task.

If you achieve a new high score, a high score roster will appear on the screen
at the games end. You will then be permitted to enter your name or any word up
to six characters long next to your score. Press RETURN to save your high score
to disk.


Software Design         -   Dan GORLIN
Animation and Artwork   -   Chris GREEN

Additional Artwork      -   Pam STALKER and David BUNNET
Sound Design            -   Dane BIGHAM
Story Design            -   David BUNNETT

Original Disk from      -   MIKELL
Executive Cracker       -   MISTER DD from the TMC
Doc tapée par           -   GODFATHER