Willy Byte in the Digital Dimension


         A crack by the Pacific Pirate's Guild (PPG) on March 17, 1985

YOUR MISSION: To guide bytes of information from the computer. Move from one to
   six bytes from the keyboard to the disk drive. You are the protagonist,
   Willy. You must watch out for the antagonist, Hex Luthor, who throws power
   surges at you. Also, you must worry about the power or the clock going

OPTIONS MENU: After choosing to play with the keyboard or the joystick, you'll
   be prompted either to enter your own message or to allow the program to
   choose the message for you. You'll be attempting to send this message to the
   computer by playing the game. Your skill level will be determined by the
   number of characters in your message, e.g. the more characters, the higher
   the skill level.

CPU: [room with X,Y,A,ALU,Flags] The room is merely an options menu and a place
   where you construct your flowchart (if you are going to play a full game).
   Choose a room to go to by jumping from platform to platform and then walking
   off the edge onto the room name you want. It'll turn inverse, then you go
   stand on the clear platform and jump up. This will take you to the room you
   selected. Don't select PROG as a room. If you do type CTRL-F to correct
   your mistake.

Flowcharting: This is the controlling factor of the game and is important to
   winning a game. The better you flowchart the better Efficency Rating you'll
   receive. To start flowcharting jump on the PROG space. Then keeping in mind
   that your goal is to take 1 to 6 bytes through the computer [keyboard, ram,
   disk] you need to make a flow chart.

   example for a 1 char. word          example for a 6 char. word

   KEYBOARD                            LOOP
   RAM                                 KEYBOARD
   IF-THEN                             IF-THEN
   DISK                                RAM
                                       LOOPEND 6

   Many types of flowcharts are possible. The loops are needed for words with
   more than one character. To make a loop jump on LOOP, to end a loop jump on
   LOOP again and then input how many (1-6). The purpose of the IF-THEN is to
   check the status of the Power and the Clock which go haywire quite often.
   If the power or the clock fail then bytes won't by handled correctly. You
   have to use good stategy when placing the IF-THEN statements in the
   flowchart. If you make a mistake on the entry of an option of your flowchart
   CTRL-D will delete it.

KEYBOARD: [room with 8 vines hanging down] Go up one of the vines and jump on
   the button in the center. In the upper left hand corner will be the char.
   you are trying to get through the keyboard and in the upper right is it's
   hexidecimal representation. 8 balls should have appeared at the top of the
   vines, these are the bits that form your letter. Push all the bits to the
   bottom of the vines. When you have down this they will leave. You should
   leave now by jumping through the tube at the lower right. Repair breaks in
   the lines by climbing over them.

RAM: [room with bits falling like rain] Run to the right avoiding the falling
   pulses, double back through the chip and jump on the rope at the left.At the
   top there are four buttons to jump on. The one on the far left is the power
   switch---don't jump on that. The up and down arrow move the tube up & down.
   The tube should start at the top for the first byte. The --> button will
   start loading the byte into RAM. The end of the byte will emerge from the
   tube and Willy has to go down there and pull it out.
        Cool down the heatsink with the fan (Hex Luther carries this heat lamp
   that looks like an upside down lightbulb). Demagnetize Hex's magnet w/ your
   anti-magnet. Mop up water that drips from Hex's water can. Catch static with
   the thing that looks like a Devo hat.
   Note: Failure to neutralize any of Hex's tricks will be damaging to your
   data. If Hex jumps on the power switch hurry up there and turn it on again.
   After pulling the byte all the way out it's character will appear. You can
   leave at any time by jumping into the tube you came from.

DISK DRIVE: [room with a disk] Start the drive by jumping on the button. Then
   jump on the read/write head (it's hanging over the disk). Stay on the head
   until a small orange spot appears on the disk. This means your byte has been
   saved. Again Hex Luther is hear to bother you, all the tools work the same.
   This time you must stop him from over heating the drive with his heat lamp.

POWER: [room that reminds you of J-Bird] Turn all the disks to orange by
   avioding all the pulses. The toolbox will make Willy invincible for about
   five seconds.

   CTRL-P lets you program your own screen using hexidecimal code. The first
   four pads (left side) can be programmed by typing 0-F, the next four are
   programmed the same way (right side).

   X= OFF   0=ON     0= 0 0 0 0   8= X 0 0 0     CTRL-P will return you to
                     1= 0 0 0 X   9= X 0 0 X     the game.
                     2= 0 0 X 0   A= X 0 X 0
                     3= 0 0 X X   B= X 0 X X     CTRL-N will show you all the
                     4= 0 X 0 0   C= X X 0 0     levels using the arrow keys.
                     5= 0 X 0 X   D= X X 0 X
                     6= 0 X X 0   E= X X X 0
                     7= 0 X X X   F= X X X X

CLOCK: When the clocks goes haywire, you've got to reset it. To do this, jump
   from level to level, avoiding the pulses running through the lines. Once you
   get to the top, run up one of the spokes at either end of the clock and jump
   on the huge button. To leave, jump back down the levels and out the tube.

EFFICIENCY RATING: You'll be evaluated at the end of the game. Many facters
   make up your score (1-64) like: time of play, whether your data gets through
   or not, the status of the program and the clock. Your name will be saved to
   disk if you are in the top 8 players of all time.

NOTE: This is a great program for Mockingboard users. It features music, sound
   effects, and speech.

   Button (0) jumps and picks up objects. Button (1) drops things.

Good luck playing Willy Byte in the D. Dimension...  picks up objects. Button
(1) drops things.

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