Ultima IV Solve Disk

Il y a quelques mois de celà, The White Man m'a fait don de la logithèque du HackerChest (encore merci!)
C'est en examinant les titres que je ne connaissais pas que je suis tombé sur une disquette de solution de ce superbe jeu.
J'avais déjà la version US signée Sector Seventeen (+ d'autres comparses) mais c'était la première fois que je voyais une version française traduite.

La version US se trouve déjà sous forme de disk image sur internet mais je n'ai pas vu le contenu exhaustif sur une page web après une recherche google.

C'est ainsi chose faite; complétée avec la traduction du français Xawaks.

Bonne lecture! Vous n'avez à présent plus aucune raison de ne pas finir ce jeu qui m'avait vraiment enthousiasmé à l'époque...


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Disks originaux
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Voir Screens from the original US version. English.
Voir A general overview. English.
Voir Where everything is. English.
Voir Miscellaneous notes. English.
Voir Hint Sheet 1. English.
Voir Hint Sheet 2. English.
Voir Solution. English.
Voir Ecrans disks français. Français.
Voir Vue générale du jeu. Français.
Voir Où est quoi. Français.
Voir Notes en vrac. Français.
Voir Fixx. Français.
Voir Remerciements. Français.
Voir Prochains disks. Français.

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Screens from the original US version

Title page
Britannia Map

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General Overview

    LLLL                        SSSSSSSSSSSS                DDDDDDDDDD
    LLLL                        SSSSSSSSSSSS                DDDDDDDDDDDD
    LLLL                        SSSS                        DDDD     DDDD
    LLLL                        SSSS                        DDDD      DDDD
    LLLL                        SSSSSSSSSSSS                DDDD      DDDDD
    LLLL                        SSSSSSSSSSSS                DDDD      DDDDD
    LLLL                                SSSS                DDDD      DDDDD
    LLLL                                SSSS                DDDD      DDDD
    LLLL                                SSSS                DDDD     DDDD



[                                                                             ]
[                     ULTIMA IV SOLVE-GENERAL OVERVIEW                        ]
[                                                                             ]

Well, Lord British did it again, and it's a great one!  Ultima IV is much
bigger and much better than any of the Ultima's which preceeded it.  This file
will briefly (as briefly as possible under the circumstances) entail what is
necessary to win Ultima IV: The Quest of the Avatar.

Firstly, let me give you a little info on how this works.  If you just want
some hints, print this file and use it to guide you.  If you want all the
specifications, print out the rest of them too, or just use them for references
when you get stuck.  You can sit down and solve it if you like, but be
forewarned....it isn't something you just sit down and do in one day.  Solving
Ultima IV took me well over 125,000 moves and 100 hours at the keyboard.  Let's
just say I put college aside long enough to solve it and write these files, and
now it's time to catch up...

Secondly, Thanks go to The Archer and Sync*Cruncher, as they put nearly as much
time into this as I did, and surely reduced my playing time by sharing
information they found in their games.  Thanks also go to my roomate, Jason,
who played while I was in class and really helped out during the first 100,000

Thirdly, these are not documentation!  Ultima Docs have traditionally only
described the creatures, etc., and rarely gave any hint of what you are
supposed to do to win the stupid game.  I had planned to include a copy of
these docs on this disk, but due to space limitations, they had to be left off.
They have been around already, however, and you should be able to find a copy
of them somewhere. They will give you some idea of the background of the game,
etc., and I recomend reading them if you have time.

Fourthly, I might say that I have made every effort to be complete while
writing this solve, but I think you will agree that it was a great undertaking.
The game is so vast and there is so much to be done, that I'm sure I have left
off something somewhere.  You can look at it this way: I left you something to
figure out!  If you need to get in touch with me to ask a question,  you may do
so on the Safehouse BBS at (612) 724-7066.  (Yes, we offer user support!)

Finally, here is "What the Docs don't tell you...:"

                               [Sector Seventeen/LSD]

Getting Started:

The name of the game is The Quest of the Avatar, right?  Right.  Well, there is
a problem.  You aren't an Avatar just yet, so the first thing you have to do is
become one.  What is an Avatar, you ask?  One who is proficient in each of the
Eight Great Virtues.  These are: Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Justice,
Sacrifice, Honor, Spirituality, and Humility.  Within the game, you must be a
good little boy (or girl) in all of the above eight.  For instance, to increase
your Valor, you must never back out of combat.  To increase your compassion,
give gold to the beggars in the towns.  To increae your sacrifice, give blood
at your local healer.  These are examples...you will have to figure out for the
other eight.  To see how you are doing, you go to visit your friendly
neighborhood seer, Hawkwind, who is located in Lord British's castle.  He is he
one who keeps track of you, and when you have prove yourself worthy in that
virtue, he will tell you to "Seek Elevation."
Seeking Elevation:

This game is full of things you have to find.  Among these are the Eight Runes,
one for each virtue, and the Eight Mantra's, again one for each virtue.
Nothing in the game has to be found by chance....you might find it in this
manner, but somewhere in Brittania, (the world of Ultima IV) there lies someone
who will either come out and tell you a Mantra or location of an item, or give
you a big enough hint for you to figure it out yourself.  A rune and mantra are
almost (notice I said almost...) always found in the city of that virtue, as
shown below. 

              City                             Virtue
              ----                             ------

              Yew                              Justice
              Britian                          Compassion
              Jhelom                           Valor
              Trinsic                          Honor
              Skara Brae                       Spirituality
              The Ruins of Magincia            Humility
              Minoc                            Sacrifice
              Moonglow                         Honesty

You can find out basically the same thing by talking to Lord British, who,
incidentally, is located on the second level of the Castle Brittania.  Anyway,
back to runes and mantras.  Talk to *everyone* in the city/town/village-
whatever you are in...most people have valuable information.  For instance,
when asked your interest, you might ask them of their "name" or "job", and then
key off what they say.  For instance, if you talk to someone and they say "I
Know of the Stone!"  then enter "Stone" and see what their reply is, and write
it down!!!  This is most important!  Write down anything and everything that
seems important at all....what means nothing now could be valuable information
later. When I finised the game, I had well over 20 pages of notes.   Anyway,
after you have found the rune and written down the mantra (a short word of 2-4
letters) of a particular virtue you may go to tha shrine (which you also must
find) and enter it.  When asked which virtue you wish to meditate on, reply
with the applicable one, then enter 3 cycles, after each which you will be
asked to enter the mantra.  When you have entered the mantra 3 times, the
screen will flash and you will be informed that "Thou hast achieved partial
Avatarhood in the virtue of whatever."  Do this for all eight virtues, and you
are an Avatar, and as such, are ready to begin the Quest.
Easier said than done.

Gate Travel:

A brief word on it...in case you are wondering what those things are that
appear and look like electric fields, and then disappear again as fast as they
came, I'll explain 'em quickly.  Those are the Moongates, and if you jump into
one, it will transport you around the world....depending on which moon phase
you hop into it, you will end up in a variety of different places!  Experiment
with it...they can save time, food, and all that good stuff when you learn how
to use them properly.
The Sextant:

One of the first things you need to do is kill enough monsters to buy a
Sextant!  These are invaluable in finding your way around, especially if you
have a pirated copy of the game and no map.  A Sextant can be purchased in
either of Brittania's two guild shops (One in Vesper and one in Buccaneer's
Den) for 900 Gold...alot, but gold well spent.  Do this as soon as you can
stumble your way over to one of these cities, and from then on, right down the
coordinates of everywhere you go, so you can find your way back there when

Along the way:

Along the path to Avatarhood, you should also be on the lookout for the
following items: The Book of Truth, The Bell of Courage, The Candle of Love,
The Skull, The Horn (which you must have before you can become an Avatar), any
of the eight stones, and the Wheel to the HMS Cape.  I won't tell you where any
of these are found right now, but if you want to know, it is all revealed in
the file "Where Stuff Is."

The Gang's all here:
Don't forget to be looking for people to join your party!  These, too, will be
kept a secret for now, but are revealed elsewhere in this solve if you wish.  I
will tell you this:  You need one person of each of the eight types in your
party to successfully enter the Abyss.  The eight types are: Mage, Bard,
Fighter, Druid, Tinker, Paladin, Ranger, and Shepherd.  You are one of those,
so you must find one of each of the others to join you.  For instance, if you
are a Bard, you might find a Bard who says "I would join thee!" but who
actually won't, because you already have a Bard in your party.  Anyone who
seems worthy could be a canidate, so be sure to ask everyone of their job, and
if they even hint, ask them to "JOIN" and see what they do.  In some cases, you
might find the right person, but they won't join you yet because you have not
achieved a high enough level in a virtue, so don't forget to ask more than once
if necessary!
Getting Stoned:

(Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun....)

Okay, now, stock up on spells and food if you don't have an ample supply of
them yet, and head into the dungeons to get the six stones which lie within. 
Once you have them, you can then get the two above ground. (If you wish to have
the locations revealed, refer to the file "Where stuff is.")  Otherwise, let me
give you these hints: Each stone below ground is setting on an Altar pedestal.
If peer at a gem, you can see where the pedestals are located, and oftentimes
they are behind secret doors, etc.  The pedestal is shaped kind of like this:

           /       \ 
           |       |
            \     /
            |     |
           /       \
          |         |

(So much for Computer graphics...)

At any rate, you should be able to see what I mean...when you see something
that looks like that thing up there on your map (when you peer at a gem) head
towards it and when you are standing in front of it, search.  Okay, that's it
for the stones...

Getting your key:

Once you have all eight stones, you use them to make a three part key.  Each
dungeon has an altar room, and all the altar rooms are connected.  That is,
when you go in altar room, (the one with the altar in the middle, you know...)
depending on which exit you go out of, you'll end up in different dungeons. The
difficult part is, if you enter a dungeon through an altar room, even though
that dungeon may have normally had a different altar room, it will now contain
the one you just were in.  (Confusing, eh?)  So, in other words, you might have
to go through all eight levels starting from the top to get to the proper altar
room.  Anyway, you have to go to each altar room and [U]se the stones, and it
will tell you there are four holes, which stones?  Well, I'll let you figure
that out, but, if you want to know know....check "Misc. Hints."  Now you have
the three part key, and we're ready to continue.
Getting to the Abyss:

Okay, this is a tough one.  First, make sure you have all of the following:
The Bell, Book, Candle, Skull, Horn, Wheel, and Three Part Key:TLC.  If so,
continue!  If not-don't-format your disks and sell your computer.  (Just
kidding....)  Second, go to Lord British and get everyone healed so you are
starting with maximum hit points!  Now, Stock up on the following: gems, cure
spells, heal spells, tremmor spells, any other spells you like to use, but
especially those.  You really don't need much food, because while in combat you
don't use any, and that is about all you do in the Abyss.  Okay, jump in your
frigate, and head towards coordinates OA/NO. This is the entrance to the
pirate's cove....Once you get in there, about 10 or 15 ships will attack
you....be ready.  Before you get in there, [U]se the wheel, which will
strenghten your hull to 99 (up from 50) and [U]se the horn. (I don't know
exactly what it does, but it seems to slow them down a bit.) Now, SAVE YOUR
GAME, because it probobly isn't going to let you by the first time... you just
have to keep trying until you make it.  Remember: it doesn't matter if you blow
up all the ships!  Just get around them to the west side of the cove and exit
your ship before it sinks!  Now, go into the swamp and from there, go north and
around the small mountain range and south and you will find a big cross of
electric fields (or lava or something...) and right in the middle, the entrance
to the abyss. Stand on it, and in this order, [U]se the skull, bell, book and
candle.  Now, hit [E] and you're in.

The Abyss:

Okay, you're in the abyss, now you have to get to level 8.  Not so easy....[Z]
and [Y] spells don't work here.  You have to fight your way all the way to it.
There are no down ladders...instead there are pedestals which turn into ladders
after you have answered a question.  Getting to the pedestals is not
easy....but, use your gems to see how to get there, and battle your way there.
For more in-depth help, a description of each level is in "Misc. Help."

The Chamber of the Codex:

You're on the eight level, and standing in front of the last altar pedestal.
You answer it's question, but wait!  No ladder appears...instead...you use your
key to enter a chamber.  A voice asks: "What is the word of passage?"  You
reply.  It then proceeds to ask you a bunch of other questions....type thy
answers carefully....one slip, and you're kicked out of the Abyss, and you have
to fight your way all the way back through it again.  Needless to say, "Misc.
Help" contains all the needed answers.  Answer them all correctly, and you made
it...it informs you that:

           You have solved
              Ultima IV
       The Quest of the Avatar.
          in 125,000 moves!
         Inform Lord British
         at Origin Systems!!

That's it. Hope you enjoyed it....as a final word, I'd just like to say I'm
glad it's over so I can get back to being a college student and a human being
instead of the Bard Markus.  May he, and his seven worthy companions, rest in
peace, for my character disk is getting stuck on the wall to remind me that I
don't want to play Ultima V if it ever comes out.  (Well........maybe.)


Retour sommaire

hr crane

Where everything is

[     Locations of the Runes, Stones, Other Stuff, & The Mantras Revealed.    ]


          Virtue                                           Mantra
          ------                                           ------
          Honor                                            SUMM
          Spirituality                                     OM
          Sacrifice                                        CAH
          Humility                                         LUM
          Justice                                          BEH
          Valor                                            RA
          Honesty                                          AHM
          Compassion                                       MU


The Rune of Honor is found in Trinsic.  In the lower left hand corner of the
city, in the corner is a man inside a ring of swamp.  One Square over and one
Square up, search.  Note: you will be poisoned going through the swamp, so

The Rune of Justice is in the top cell of the Jail at Yew.  Enter the cell, and
after the prisoner attacks you and you defeat him, search each square in the
cell until you find it.  The guards (thankfully) do not attack you even though
you did battle in the city.

The Rune of Sacrifice is found in the flames of the furnace at Minoc.  The
flames do not burn you severely.  Search the lower right hand corner of the

The Rune of Compassion is found at the end of a long hallway headed North in
the city of Britan.  The hallway goes north and then one square west and
deadends.  Search that one square.

The Rune of Spirituality is found in the Treasure Room of Lord British's
castle, reached only through secret doors.  Search each square until you find
it, but don't steal the treasure, lest you decrease your honesty!

The Rune of Valor is located in the South-East tower of the city of Jhelom.  To
get to it, you must go through a couple of secret doors and dispel a field, so
make sure you have a dispel spell mixed up.  The doors are located in an inn or
a shop of some kind...they lead to a corridor bordering the southern edge of
the city, from which you head east, dispel a field, and search in that tower.

The Rune of Humility is in Paws-in the hills in the southeast corner of town.
Search around in them and you'll find it.

The Rune of Honesty if in Moonglow.  As soon as you enter the city, go north,
and you will find several people gathered around a chest.  If you stand on the
chest and search, you find it.  (By the way, Mariah is right there....you might
ask her to Join you!)


The White Stone (of spirituality)  is found deep within a mountain range, and
it's location is accessible only by balloon.  (See "Misc. Hints" for more
balloon info.) Basically, you're floating around and when you come across FA/EA
on your Sextant, you will find a small "clearing" in the mountains, only two
spaces large.  One space has an Ankh in it, the other you must navigate your
balloon to and type "X" or "D" quickly enough to land there in that spot.  Once
you do, Search, and you have found the White Stone.

The Black Stone (of humility) is easy...go to the space where the moon gate
near Moonglow normally appears and stand *on that space!*  When the moons
disappear, search.

NOTE: The rest of the stones are found in the dungeons.  Each stone is found on
a pedestal(?) or something that looks similar to one, and each pedestal can be
seen on the "map" provided by Ultima when you [P]eer at a gem.  This function
is very useful...make sure to stock up on gems!!!  Once on the proper level of
the proper dungeon, [P]eer at a gem to see where you need to head towards.

The Blue Stone (of honesty) is on Level 7 of The Dungeon Deceit.  If you [P]eer
at a gem, you will see it at the end of a hallway which is blocked by many
force-fields.  Use [D]ispel spells to eliminate these, and proceed to the end
of the hallway.  When the Pedestal appears, search.

The Green Stone (of justice) if on Level 8 of The Dungeon Wrong.  If you [P]eer
at a gem, you will notice a room in the upper-left hand corner (We will call
this room A) which has a tiny room directly to the West of it (room B.)  The
only way to get to room b is through a secret passage in room a which is opened
by [D]ispeling the force-field in the upper left hand corner and then moving
any member of your party onto the upper-left hand corner of the room. (After
defeating all the friendly monsters in the room....)  Once this is done, move
into the room b via the passage, and search.

The Yellow Stone (of compassion) is on Level 5 of the Dungeon Despise.  Once
again, [P]eer at a gem, and you will see a room with a smaller room behind it.
Enter room a, defeat the Sea Monsters floating around in the lake, and then on
the North wall, you will see one block which looks a little different than the
rest...this is the sign of secret passage.  Move any member of your party into
this block and a path will form through the water up to room b.  Enter it and

The Purple Stone (of honor) is on Level 2 of the Dungeon Shame, and is easy to
see.  It is on it's pedestal at the end of an otherwise desserted hallway.
[P]eer at a gem and head for it, and as always, search when the pedestal is in
front of you.

The Orange Stone (of sacrifice) is on Level 7 of the Dungeon Covetous in a
secret room directly off the hallway. (No Monsters to fight or anything...)
[P]eer at a gem to locate it's position and move into the room where the
pedestal will appear, and guess what you do?

The Red Stone is on Level 7 of the Dungeon Destard at coordinates AH/AD (within
the dungeon.)  Not too tough...

                       [=====Other Misc. Stuff=====]

In order to complete the game, you must also acquire The Book of Truth, The
Candle of Love, The Bell of Courage, Mondain's (Evil) Skull, the Silver Horn,
and the Wheel of the H.M.S. Cove.  Here's the info:

Book of Truth- Is in the library at the Lycaeum.  Stand where the T's would be
               and search!

Candle of Love- Is in the hidden village of Cove, reached only by balloon! The
                coordinates are in the coordinate list supplied with this
                solve.  Once there, enter the shrine where the Ankh is, and you
                will notice there is a secret door in the upper left hand
                corner behind a magic field....go through it and you will enter
                a tiny room....it lies within.

Bell of Courage-Is located in a well in the middle of the ocean.  To obtain
                it go to the coordinates NA/LA in your frigate and search.

Wheel- In your Frigate, go to compass location NH/GA and Search.

Silver Horn- Is on an island.  Go to KN/MN and search.

Mondain's Skull- Once again, search from your frigate, this time while at
                 coordinates PF/MF.

Some Sextant Coordinates for some places:

                  Name                     Coordinates
                  ----                     -----------

                  Yew                      CL/DK
                  L.B.'s Castle            GM/FG
                  Paws                     JA/GC
                  Buc. Den                 JP/IJ
                  The Pirate's Harbor      OA/NO
                  Jhelom                   NO/CE
                  Vesper                   DL/MJ
                  Empath Abbey             DD/BM
                  Trinsic                  LI/GK
                  Skara Brae               IG/BG
                  Minoc                    BE/JP
                  Serpents Castle          PB/JC
                  Balcor Hylothe           PA/OP
                  Moonglow                 IF/OH
                  The Lycaem               GL/NK
                  Cove                     FK/II
                  Shrine Sacrifice         CN/MN
                  Shrine Compassion        FM/IA
                  Shrine Honor             MP/FB 
                  Shrine Honesty           EC/OS
                  Shrine Valor             OF/CE
                  Shrine Justice           AM/EL
                  Shrine Humility          NO/OH
                  Shrine Spirituality      *****

                  Dungeon Wrong            BE/HO
                  Dungeon Destard          KI/EI
                  Dungeon Covetous         BM/JM
                  Dungeon Shame            GI/DK
                  Dungeon Deceit           EJ/PA

** Note...the shrine of spirituality is not located at a particular coordinate,
but is reached through a moon gate.  If you enter the right gate at the correct
moon phase, you are zapped directly inside it.  Also, I hope all the
coordinates are right, but as you can see, there are alot of them and they
might be a little off...they should at least be close to where they should be.

*The Dungeon Hyclothe, should you need to know, is located behind Lord
British's castle.  To get to it, go inside LB's, head north and then East, open
the door and go through it, and you will notice a secret door immediately to
your north, which you should go through.  You enter a long room-go to the north
of it, and through another secret room, and you enter a square room with a
Guard and some stairs in it.  If you go west out of this room through another
secret door and continue west (ignore the guy who warns you not to) you will
run into it, but you must [J]immy the lock to get to it, which means you need
some Magic key from your friendly neighborhood Guild Shop first!  Take note
that you cannot exit the dungeon except by use of an [X]-it spell, and you will
not end up where you entered the dungeon, but rather at a rather remote
location.  The good news is that you find the balloon!  Furthermore, *any* time
you exit the Dungon Hyclothe, you will always find balloon there, because that
is the only way out of where you end up! The coordinates are PA/OP, FYI.


Retour sommaire

hr crane

Miscellaneous notes

[                                 Misc. stuff                                 ]

This is just a bunch of miscellaneous things you need to know, in nt certain
order.  I just typed it in as I thought of it, or came to it in my notes.


* First and foremost, remember: You've got to be good in this game!  This isn't
like previous Ultimas where you could be an evil kind of guy!  You've got to be
100% good in this game, as you must struggle to uphold the eight virtues.  So,
don't attack anyone, let them attack you!  Don't steal gold, earn it!  Etc.....
And don't forget, if, after you become part-Avatar in a virtue, you fail to
uphold that virtue, it will be taken away from you!  For instance, after you
have become elevated in Valor, if you die, it takes your Avatarhood in Valor
away from you, so beware!

* When in castles, towns, etc...there are sometimes secret doors in the wall.
You can detect these because the blocks look exactly like the rest of the
blocks in the wall except they have a little dot in the middle of them.  For
instance, there are some in the upper-right hand corner of Lord British's
castle...be on the lookout for these, as they can reveal important places!

* When you enter the abyss, you *must* go there by ship, exiting the balloon
will not work.

* Speaking of exiting the balloon, there is a bug in the Ultima program, such
that you may [X]-it the balloon almost anywhere, however, if you try to go into
a dungeon, it doesn't work right, and Hawkwind won't even talk to you!  An
advantage is, monsters don't attack you either, so you can use this to your
advantage, say you want to land near a town to run in and buy some food quick,
exit instead of land and don't waste time with over-anxious orcs.  You don't
need their gold, anyway, right?

*Tremmor spells are great in the abyss!  There is one room on level five with a
bunch of reapers and again on level eight, but a bunch of balrons, and if you
tremmor them, it works alot better than sleeping for a half hour.

*In case you don't know what the horn is for, you must use before entering the
valley the Shrine of Humility is located in.  *DO NOT* set foot in there
without [U]sing the horn, or you will be attacked by endless hoards of Daemons!
We're talking, you don't even get a chance to do anything, they just pop you
back into combat.  If this happens to you, just re-boot, you have no chance.
Once you emerge from the shrine, use the horn again to avoid being caught on
your way out!  And, just to be safe, save your game right before you enter the

*General notes on the Abyss: The first thing you should do as soon as you get
to a level is [P]eer at a gem!  Look at the map it flashes on the screen, and
make a sketch of it!  Locate the altar pedestal, and map out your route to it.
If there are more than one route, note both of them, as sometimes one is
blocked.  If you get into a room and it doesn't have an exit to the south when
you know you have to exit to the south, kill all the creatures and then start
walking around.  Don't leave the room until you have stepped on every square in
the room!  Oftentimes that will open up a secret passage.  In a couple cases,
you must step on one square, and that will cause part of a wall to disappear so
that one more block is showing, and stepping on that will open the passageway.
There are also cases where a secret door in the wall (like a normal wall-block,
but with a small hi-res dot in the middle) will open a secret passageway.  Dont
give up!

*The first floor of the Abyss: Head east, go through two sets of four rooms and
end up in a large room, don't drink of either fountain, go to the pedestal in
the middle of the room, use your stone, the answer to the question is HONESTY,
the stone blue.

*The second floor of the Abyss: Go through a 3x3 block of rooms to the hallway.
Once there, do not go down the ladder, but instead through the secret doors in
the hallway into another hallway, where you may either dispel all the fields or
walk through them and then cure yourself to either of the pedestals, use your
stone, the answer is COMPASSION, the stone yellow.

*The third floor of the Abyss: Simply go through the rooms to the altar room in
the middle of the floor...easy.  Answer:Valor. Stone:Red.

*The fourth floor of the Abyss: Go through the secret door to the east, not the
visible door, and down the hallway, through another secret door (and a secret
hallway (actually three secret doors together)) into another hallway, and there
is the pedestal. Answer: Justice. Stone: Green.

*The fifth floor of the Abyss: Go to the opposite side of the room you are
dropped into and into one of the doors, until you work your way into the
hallway on the other side, where you may choose either pedestal.  Take note
that hidden doors start to really come into play here!!

*The sixth floor of the Abyss: Enter the series of nine rooms through the
secret door in the upper-left corner, and go to the room to the east, not the
south, then you will have to follow a maze through the rooms. NOTE: *Lots* of
exits appear after you step on a certain square in the room, so don't
dispair...just look for the secret hallway!  [P]eer at a gem while in the
hallway to see were the exits are!  There is one really trick room, it contains
two sets of three hydras and on balron, one set on the east wall and on the
south.  After defeating all of the monsters, walk to where the east balron's
little niche in the wall was, and on the south wall, a block disappears.  If
you go stand where the block disappeared, a bridge appears to take you across
a river in the SE corner of the room...once there, go South, not East-the
southern room contains perhaps 10 Headlesses, while the West requires you to
defeat 4 reapers and walk through a huge sleep field, which take quite awhile.
Once at the pedestal, Answer: Honor. Stone: Purple.

*The seventh floor of the Abyss: A simple one...just head north-west through
the rooms/hallways and get to the pedestal, then answer: spirituality. Stone:
*The eighth floor of the Abyss: This is a toughie.  There are two sets of rooms
to go through.  The first is arranged like this:

     1  2  3
     4  5  6
     7  8

Enter at room one, (actually a secret door) and go to room 2, then 3,6,5,4, and
into room 7.  Once here, kill all the monsters and then get someone to wade
around in the bottom lava pool until the small lava pool in the upper left-hand
corner increases from two to three squares.  When it does, have someone go to
that pool and stand in the upper-most right hand corner, and a door will open
to the west.  Go through it and follow the hall to the next set of rooms, set
up like this:

          2 3
        4 5 6

Note that room 6 contains the entrance to the Chamber of the Codex.  Enter room
4, then proceed to 5.  Now, save yourself a big headache!  After killing all
the monsters, send someone to stand on the space the chest is occupying.  A
door will open to the north.  *Do Not* go through it...it leads to room 2,
which does lead to room 3 and eventually, 6, but also contains about 20
Balrons, and will take you about 1/2 hour to get through.  If you notice, when
that doorway to the north appears, the brick in the lower right hand corner
becomes a secret door, and by moving someone onto it, you reveal a secret
passageway leading directly to the room with the Chamber of the Codex!  Use
your stone, and answer Humility, and stone:Black.  First you are asked for the
word of passage.  It is: "VERAMOCOR" - make sure to type the entire word!  (Be
careful...one incorrect answer and you're stuck outside again, and you will
have to fight your way all the way back down!)  Now, begins a series of
questions.  The answers are, in this order: HONESTY, COMPASSION, VALOR,
INFINITY.  That's it....you've solved it.  After each correct answer, he game
draws in a portion of the symbol of Avatarhood, which is a star filled by three
circles.  (It's pictured on the documemenation that comes with the game, if you
happen to have it.)  Then, when you answer infinity, the picture splits and it
displays a picture of the infinity symbol (Like an 8 on the side) and tells you
a little story.

*Note on the Abyss: Secret doors become more and more important the farther
down you get!  If it appears from the scene you get from [P]eering at a gem
that you need to exit a certain room from the west or whatever, look around and
make sure to have someone stand on *every* square in the room lest a secret
door open up to you!  Don't forget to look for the blocks with the little dot
in the middle!

*To increase your honesty: Never steal gold from inside towns or castles.

*To increase your compassion: Give to beggars.

*To increase your valor: Never back out of combat. (This doesn't apply in to
entering rooms in dungeons, only in combat.  Don't back out of combat in the
halls of dungeons, though.)

*To increase your justice...I dunno, to be honest.  I don't know what I did. Be
a nice guy, and be fair, I guess.

*To increase your sacrifice, give blood when asked.

*To increase your honor....hmmmmmm....see justice.

*To increase your spirituality, meditate alot.

*To increase your humility, when asked questions by townspeople, don't ever
boast!  For instance, if someone asks "Dost thou always follow the path of
good?", you would reply "no" because nobody does, and saying so would not show
humility. (or honesty, for that matter.)

*In the Altar room of love, use the green, orange, yellow and white stones.

*In the Altar room of truth, use green, purple, blue, and white.

*In the Altar room of courage, use orange, purple, white and red.

*To find Mandrake, search at DG/LG when the moon is black.

*To find Nightshade, search at JF/CO when the moon is black.

*A gate spell is Ash, Pearl, and Mandrake.

*Moongates-  Okay, first, the key.

        Moonglow-No moon
           Minoc-Full moon (New moon) 
          Jhelom-1/2 moon, with dark on left
      N/W of Yew-3/4 moon, with dark on left
    Lord British-1/4 moon, with dark on left
    S of Trinsic-3/4 moon, with dark on right
      Skara Brae-1/2 moon, with dark on right
        Magincia-1/4 moon, with dark on right

Now, you might have noticed there are two moons at the top of the screen.  The
first is where you are, the second is where you're going.  In other words, if
you are standing near where the moon gate appears at Jhelom, when the first
moon is 1/2 lit, the dark on the left, the moongate will appear, and stay until
the first moon changes to another phase.  During this time the second moon will
travel through three different phases, since the second moon changes three
times as fast as the first.  The second moon determines where you are going, so
you have three choices at every gate.  Just to make sure you have it, an
example:  You are standing at Minoc, and the first moon turns full, so the gate
appears and you hop in while the second moon is 1/2 full, where are you headed?
(The Answer is Jhelom.)

*To have all your hit points restored, ask Lord British about "Health" and when
he asks, tell him you're not in good health.....zap!  Ya got 'em back.

*The cheapest place to buy food is Skara Brae!  25 for only 20 g.p.  Not
bad....I suggest stocking up every time you're there.

*Out in the middle of nowhere and stumble through a swamp, you say?  Poisoned
miles from a healer, and all out of heal spells?  Cast an [E]lectric field, and
choose type "S" for sleep, and then walk into it. (You must do this in combat.)
Whoever does this will take a little nap, but that's better than the

*Looking for the balloon?  See the notes on the Dungeon Hyclothe in the file
 "Where stuff is."

*Looking for a frigate?  It seems you must defeat a sea monster in battle for
one to come along....this might not be an absolute rule, but....

*When in the Guild shops, make sure and stock up on Gems and Keys!!!  Torches
are also valuable, but you really don't need that many of them, as they last a
long time.  If you buy 20, that will probobly last you the entire game.

*Don't ever steal gold or attack anyone, especially in a town!!!  (And don't
attack a child!  I did while using one of my backup characters just to see what
would happen, and I lost 4/8 of my Avatarhood!

*Where is everyone?  Well, here is where everyone is that might join you.
Remember, however, that if you don't show enough of that virtue, the person may
not join you until you have improved yourself!

                  Person          Type             Found in
                  ------          ----             --------
                  Iolo            Bard             Britain*
                  Marian          Mage             Moonglow
                  Geoffrey        Fighter          Jhelom
                  Julia           Shepherd         Minoc
                  Katrina         Tinker           Magincia
                  Dupre           Paladin          Trinsic
                  Jaana           Druid            Yew
                  Shamino         Cleric           Skara Brae

Don't forget, if you're a bard, Iolo won't join you, etc....

*Oh, and just so you'll know, here's a chart of the Virtues and which stones
belong to which virtue.

                         Virtue           Stone color
                         ------           -----------
                         Honesty          Blue
                         Compassion       Yellow
                         Valor            Red
                         Justice          Green
                         Sacrifice        Orange
                         Honor            Purple
                         Spirituality     White
                         Humility         Black

*For those of you who are into Sector Editing, here is some information from a
file I got somewhere, I don't know if it's correct or not, as I haven't tried
it out, but here ya go:

T$14, S$3 (Brittania disk):

Byte             What
----             ----
14-15            Food
17-18            Money
3C-43            Reageants (this order:Ash,Gins,Garl,Silk,Moss,Pearl,Night,Man)
44-5D            Spells (44=Spell A, 5D=Spell Z)
0C-0E            Torches, Gems, Keys
1D-23            Armour (NA,Cloth,lth,chn,plte,Mag Chain,Mag Plate,Mys Robe)
25-33            Weapons(NW,Staff,Daggar,Sling,Mace,Axe,Sword,Bow,X-bow,
                         Flam oil,Halberd,Mag Axe,Mag Swo,Mag bow,Wand,Mys Swo)
04-0B            How you're doing in each virtue of Avatarhood.
                 00=Part avatar,99=ready for elevation,01-98=bad to good.
10               Stones...FF=all of 'em!
11               Runes....ditto^^
12               "Items" ???

Hope this stuff works....I reccomend using it only on a backup....

*That's it....hope I haven't forgotten anything! (*gulp!)


Retour sommaire

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Hint Sheet 1

:%/                                                                        \%:
:%                                                                          %:
:%                          ULTIMA IV HINT SHEET #1                         %:
:%                                                                          %:
:%                       Written by The Blue Buccaneer                      %:
:%                                                                          %:
:%    Call The Rebel Alliance 10 Meg Cat-Fur at:  [206]  -  584  -  6900    %:
:%                                                                          %:
:%\                                                                        /%:

  Ok, finally the ultimate ware of all time has arrived!  Many find it a
little tough.  I, myself, like it hard.  I would never think of sector editing
or using a cheat program because that takes all the fun out of the game for
which I have waited so long.  But, after listening to the eversosad plights of
some people who shall remain unnamed, I have written down a series of hint
sheets.  They won't tell you exactly what to do, but will give you some good
hints and pointers that will help you along in your QUEST FOR THE AVITAR!


1]  Get The Character Ref. Sheet and the two other doc files that go with the
     game.  Read them!

2]  Setting up your character.  According to Richard, nice guys will have an
     easier time.  In other words, the game keeps track of how nice a guy you
     are.  So, when answering the set-up questions, keep kindness & honor in

3]  Friends:  There are people along the way who will join your party.  I soon
     got tired of talking to ever damn person.  Here are the names to look for
     and in what town you may find them.  They may not choose to join your
     party, but that's up to them.
    - Note:  Shamino is in the town of Skaa Brae -
    -  and:  Geoffiex is in the town of Jhelom.. -
   and DUPRE.  Usually they will be standing around with three other people
   around a fire or something.  You will need all the friends you can get.

-] Dungeons:  Wrong, Shame, Deceit, etc.  Secret entrance to 8th level of
     dungeons is found behind LB's castle.
   - - - - :  Crystal balls (found in secret rooms in 8th level):  Touch and
               have some attributes raised (well also do some damage to you).
    - - - -:  Fountains:  Drink and be healed.
   Dungeons are still good places to go to gain gold & experiance.  Go in the
    first level and sit in the dark.  Lotsa monsters will try their luck with
    you.  (Be sure to have a torch handy to get out)
   Use gems to see dungeon layout.  "T"s are traps (pits/falling rocks).
  -> A trick I use is going down to the eighth level through LB castle and
    finding a crystal ball to raise me.  Then I get killed and brought back
    by LB.  I lose my money, but everyone is fully healed and I keep the
    experiance & raised stats.

  -> Another sly move if a member of your party is dead, is to do this:
   1. Get $300 for treasure room in LB castle (if poisoned sleep at Seer).
   2. Get person reencarniated at health.
   3. Have HPs restored by LB.

  -> Ask LB about his health to get your HPs restored.

 -> It seems to me that you have to win a battle with a water monster before a
     pirate ship will come by.  Try it and see if it works.  Ships are fun.

4]  Towns:  Here is a partial listing of towns:  Paws, Britan, Trinsic, Yew,
         Abby, Minoc, Virtue, Magincia, and Lycaeum.  Again, I haven't been
         doing a great job of writing things down, these are only things I
         am remembering.
    Special towns:  Skaa Brae sells Herbs used for spells!
    -------------:  Virtue sells torches, gems, and keys!
        - - -    :  Paws sells horses ($300).

5]  Shrines: Honor, Compassion, Experiance, Sacrifice, Love, Justice, & Truth.
      You must have the particular Rune to enter a shine.  Once you enter a
      shrine you will have to meditate.  Start with 1, then the next time you
      come back do 2, and so on.  It will ask you MANRA: after you meditate.
      I ain't figured out what you're supposed to type there.

6]  Runes: (same as shrines)
     Honor - Trinsic
     Sacrifice - Minoc
     Love - Abbey
     Justice - Yew
     Compassion - Britan
     Truth - Lycaeum
    The Runes are found by (S)earching an area (usually a bathroom, inn room,
    closet area, end of hallway, jail cell,  etc).
    The Bell of Courage is found in the middle of the ocean (a water island).

7]  Secret doors:  Secret doors (and you will be very surprised to see how
     many there are!) are easily spotted by a little dot (hi-res) in between
     the brickwork in a wall.  Simply walk through the wall with the dot.
     There are several secret doors in LB's castle and in the towns.
     (LB: Guard's room, above Healing, Prison cell, etc)

8]  Adventure tips:
 A] Money:  Getting money fast may help you get some good armour and better
     your initial chances for survival.  An easy way of getting about $500
     is by opening all the chests found in the secret room (guards room) in
     LB's castle.
 -] Spend money carefully, but don't carry it around.  You will lose it if you
     die.  But you're able to keep your weapon & armour (so invest the $).
 -] Selling things back to the dealers is a bad idea as they buy it back for
    1/2 pvice.
 -] Be careful when fighting thieves, rogues, or pirates as they will steal
     your money.

 B] Poison:  Poison is the most common reason for death.  Learn what marshland
     looks like and avoid it!  Remember that you can heal yourself by (H)ole
     up and camp.  To cure (spell C) poison, mix B & C (you have about two
     cures to start out with).  Another way to cure poison is to also get
     sleeped by a trap or magic floor (seer in LB castle).  Or you can always
     pay $100 at a town healer.
 -] Avoid spiders in dungeons as they will poison you.

->  Be wary of traps in dungeons (fight mode) - you can step somewhere and a
     wall might open up or fire may spring up, or a bridge might disappear.

-TBB     [SEPT 22, 1985]   ->  Just for you Eric!      ULTIMA 4 RULES!!!

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Hint Sheet 2

:%/                                                                        \%:
:%                                                                          %:
:%                         ULTIMA IV HINT SHEET #2                          %:
:%                                                                          %:
:%                      Written by The Blue Buccaneer                       %:
:%                                                                          %:
:%    Call The Rebel Alliance 10 Meg Cat-Fur at:  [206]  -  584  -  6900    %:
:%                                                                          %:
:%\                                                                        /%:

  Ok, first off-  To those idiots who have been complaining that they don't
want help from the hint sheets in Ultima IV:  THEN DON'T READ THE DAMN THINGS!

  Secondly, let me reemphisize:  READ THE DOCS:  HISTORY OF BRITANNIA,
easier if you'll just briefly read these!
  (You may want to spend a long while and print these out because you may
   need to refer to a description/location/etc later in the game when talking)


[Now for the good stuff:]

First step in Ultima IV:  VISIT TOWNS
While in the towns talk to everyone.  After a bit you will develope a neat
nack for stotting the main words in what they say so you can get everything
out of them with little trouble.  (Ex: I watch the seas.  Seas?  Yes, etc)
[1] Find people to join your party.
[2] Ask people about the runes (usually a rune to each town).
[3] Ask people about the mantras (shrines are useless without them).



    This is because the game remembers every time you flee from battle.  This
    way you can outrun the enemy before you have to fight them.
[] If you can't walk through a space (magic square) then Dispell the magic!
[] You can Hole-Up and Camp while in the ocean by just eXiting and H.  Then B.
   (Note: If you're ambushed and win the battle, you have to get the chest
          before you can reboard)
[] Give blood while at the healers as this makes you a nice guy.
[] Give money to beggars as this will too.
[] Don't "appropriate" chests that aren't yours (sigh) as it will count
   against you.
[] When buying spices you can pay only $1 for them, but that too makes you
   look bad (rotten isn't it?).
[] Be sure to go down a whirlpool if you get the chance.  This is about the
   only way you can get a boat into the sea in the middle of the continent.
   (and the only way you can get to the city of COVE)
[] To get a sextant choose option D at the thieves guild ($900).
[] Horses are $100 each (# members).
[] Sometimes (maybe my imagination) but you don't see the secret doors (dots)
   the first time.  A peer into a gem or just reentering the room may clear
   this up.
[] The moons will change by themselves (not any relation to commands), so if
   you're waiting on a moondoor, don't just sit there and hit space + rept.
   This will advance your # of moves and also give monsters a chance to be
   born and find you.
[] If a member of the party is poisoned, one way of fixing him is to let him
   open all the chest you find.  This way he will have a better chance of
   getting slept (thus curing the poison).
[] The Bucc's Den (love the name!) Weapon Shop sells Magic Bows & Wands.
   ($2000 and $5000 respectively)
[] Tornadoes seem to only move you a couple of places + hurt you.



Stones are found in the dungeons (various levels).  You seem to have to have
the rune first before you can get the stone.  They are on altars (peer).
You will need to get them!





LBC : G'L", F'G"








                                                     --> <-- RIGHT THERE!)


-->  Also from The Rebel Alliance:


-TBB     [OCT. 1, 1985]     [Yo, Eric, if ya can't solve it now- forget it!]

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    Extension 1200 Presents...

|                                                                             |
|    Ultima IV:                                                               |
|     Quest of the Avatar                                                     | |_____________________________________________________________________________|
|                                                                             |
|    A Solution By: The Sheik                                                 |
|                                                                             |
|    Thanks To: All at the Tavern - 714-538-3103                              |
|    Special Thanks: Darklock & The Tech                                      |
|    Written For: The Logic Center - 312-382-1369                             |
|    Solution Released By: Extension 1200                                     |


General Hints
Visit the Seer Hawkwind often to see your progress on the paths of virtue.
  He will tell you when you ar ready to go to the shrines and become a partial
Don't use the Skull of Mondain anywhere other than O'J", O'J".
Never exit the balloon without first descending our your game will be
Go to Lord British on the 2nd floor of Britannia for healing, help, and info
  (ask about virtues and principles).
Never take chests from the towns or castles.
When talking to characters, try [HEAL]th, [JOB], [NAME], [LOOK], [JOIN].  Also
  any words that they have use in their replies.  Answer questions truthfully.
If you need gold fast, try the dungeons for best results.

The Spells & Herbs Required
BLINK-DE            HEAL-BD            NEGATE-ACH         TREMMOR-AEH
CURE-BC             ICEBALL-FH         OPEN-AE            UNDEAD-???
                            Y(UP)-DE Z(DOWN)-DE

Important Info on the 8 Virtues


 Center: Moonglow
 Mantra: AHM
 Rune Location: Northwest corner where chest is  *** do not take chest ***
 Shrine Location: Latitude E'C" Longitude O'J"
 Stone Color: Blue
 Stone Location: Dungeon of Deceit
 Stems From Principles: Truth


 Center: Britain
 Mantra: MU
 Rune Location: End of hall near Lodging area
 Shrine Location: East of Britain across two bridges
 Stone Color: Yellow
 Stone Location: Dungeon of Despise
 Stems from Principles: Love


 Center: Jhelom
 Mantra: RA
 Rune Location: Southeast tower
 Shrine Location: One isle south of Jhelom
 Stone Color: Red
 Stone Location: Dungeon of Dasterd
 Stems from Principles: Courage


 Center: Yew
 Mantra: BEH
 Rune Location: Northernmost cell of prison
 Shrine Location: North and East from Yew, on marsh-surrounded peninsula
 Stone Color: Green
 Stone Location: Dungeon of Wrong
 Stems from Principles: Truth & Love


 Center: Minoc
 Mantra: CAH
 Rune Location: In forge east of weaponry
 Shrine Location: Lake, east across two bridges
 Stone Color: Orange
 Stone Location: Dungeon of Covetous
 Stems from Principles: Love & Courage


 Center: Trinsic
 Mantra: SUMM
 Rune Location: Southwest corner diagonal from tip of poison energy field
 Shrine Location: South and west beyond marsh (access by ship easier)
 Stone Color: Purple
 Stone Location: Dungeon of Shame
 Stems from Principles: Truth & Courage


 Center: Skara Brae
 Mantra: OM
 Rune Location: Treasure chamber of LB's castle (Britannia)
 Shrine Location: Enter moongate nearest Minoc when moons are full
 Stone Color: White
 Stone Location: On top of Serpent's Spine, reachable only by balloon
 Stems from Principles: Truth & Love & Courage


 Center: Paws
 Mantra: LUM
 Rune Location: Right side of nook in mountain (se corner of village)
 Shrine Location: On Dark Island, requires use of Silver Horn (see below)
 Stone Color: Black
 Stems from Principles: Separate from Truth/Love/Courage

The Characters

  The following are the 8 characters that can [JOIN] you and their locations.
Note that you cannot by joined by someone of the same class as you are without
some sector-editing (see cheat section at bottom)...

Iolo (Bard) - Britain
Dupre (Paladin) - Trinsic
Shamino (Ranger) - Skara Brae
Geoffrey (Fighter) - Jhelom
Mariah (Mage) - Moonglow
Julia (Tinker) - Minoc
Katrina (Shepherd) - Magincia
Jaana (Druid) - Yew

*** Enter the Abyss only with 8 characters ***

Moongate Travel

  Travelling within the moongates will greatly reduce travelling time within
Ultima IV.  This chart will help you somewhat...

Moongate          1st Phase          2nd Phase          3rd Phase  Gate Phase
Minoc             Shrine of Spirit.  Trinsic            Minoc          5
Moonglow          Moonglow           Britain            Jhelom         1
Jhelom            Skara Brae         Magincia           Jhelom         3
Yew               Britain            Jhelom             Yew            4
Trinsic           ???                Moonglow           Trinsic        6
Skara Brae        Jhelom             Yew                Skara Brae     7
Magincia          Trinsic            Skara Brae         Magincia       8
Britain           Yew                Minoc              Britain        2

  To use the following coordinates you will first need a sextant.  This is used
to [L]ocate position.  To get a sextant follow the hall north, west from the
weaponry in Buccaneer's Den.  The easiest way to get to Buccaneer's Den w/o a
sextant is to go straight east in a ship from Paws or 11 spaces north from
Magincia then straight west until you run into it.

Some Useful Coordinates

                    Lat.     Long.
Nightshade          J'F"     C'O"
Mandrake            go to marsh in middle of Bloody Plains sw of Minoc
Balloon             enter dungeon behind Lord British's castle (requies key),
                    cast exit spell
Shrine-Valor        O'F"     C'E"
Shrine-Honesty      E'C"     O'J"
Shrine-Humility     N'C"     O'F"
Dungeon-Covetous    B'L"     J'M"
Dungeon-Deceit      E'G"     P'A"
Dungeon-Despise     E'D"     F'L"
Dungeon-Wrong       B'E"     H'O"
Dungeon-Dasterd     K'I"     E'I"
Dungeon-Shame       go to F'O" D'K", cast blink south
Dungeon-Hylothe     behind castle
Dungeon-Abyss       O'J"     O'J"
Buccaneer's Den     J'O"     I'I"
Paws                J'B"     G'C"
Cove                F'K"     I'I" (easiest to enter whirpool, then south)
Jhelom              N'O"     C'E"
Yew                 C'L"     D'K"
Moonglow            I'H"     O'I"
Serpants Hold       P'B"     J'C"
The Lycaeum         G'L"     N'K"
Empath Abbey        nw of Yew

Silver Horn & Shrine of Humility
  Before attempting to go to the Shrine of Humility, [U]se [HORN] before
passage to Shrine (use several times for safety).  If you forget to do this
you will be attacked by endless hordes of Daemons.  Save game first!

Secret Doors
  Examine walls carefully in towns, villages, castles, & dungeons for
secret doors.  They can be identified by a break in a black line in the walls.

Entering the Abyss

1) Be all 8-parts Avatar
2) Have the 3-part Key
3) Have all 8 stones
4) Know Word of Passage, have Bell, Book, Candle, and Wheel
5) Be well-versed in the meanings of each virtue & principle
6) Know the one true Axiom

--1-- Avatarhood

  Using the information above you can easily become eight parts Avatar.
You do so by learning each mantra, collecting all the runes, and visiting
the Seer Hawkwind often.  Also meditating at a shrine will give you a vision
that will help you to gain that virtue.  Some things you should remember when
attempting to gain each virtue are: never cheat the Herbs merchants, never
kill non-evil creatures if they are fleeing, do kill evil creatures fleeing
or not, don't take the gold of anyone in the towns, especially the chests
you will find in the treasure rooms, give gold often to increase your
compassion, give your last gold piece to a beggar to incrase sacrifice,
or donate blood to the healers by answering no to "Are you in need of help?"
(it's best to do this in LB's castle then go upstairs and have LB heal you),
never claim to be something you are not (a good example is when you are asked
"Are you really an Avatar?"), and lastly accomplish Valor simply by killing
a lot of monsters without fleeing from battle.  If you follow these rules
carefully and visit Hawkwind often you will be granted your Avatarhood.

--2-- 3-Part Key

 The 3-part key is very simple to get.  Once you have the stones, enter the
dungeons and go to the altar rooms of truth, love, & courage.  Then guide
one of your characters over the altar in the center and [U]se these stones:

Altar Room of Truth: White, Blue, Purple, Green
Altar Room of Love: White, Green, Yellow, Orange
Altar Room of Courage: White, Red, Purple, Orange

--3-- The 8 Stones

  To get the black stone, stand where the moondoor near Moonglow will appear,
then search when the moons go dark.  To get the white stone, ready several wind
spells, and guide your balloon over Serpants Spine, west of LB's castle, go one
space south of the Ankh, land ballioon, and search.  Never exit w/o descending!
  The other stones are found on altars (not in altar rooms) of the dungeons:
Dasterd, Deceit, Shame, Wrong, Despise, & Covetous.  Most are on a fairly
low-lvl (7 is common), but some you may have to go down to the bottom
and come back up in a different way.  When searching for stones supply
yourself with a lot of up & down spells, a lot of gems & torches, and
always keep 1 exit spell >made<.  The stones are about the most difficult
part of this game next to the Abyss so don't expect to find them right
away.  The approach you should use when searching is to enter the dungeon,
peer at a gem, choose between going to the ladder (usually requires at
least one encounter first) or casting a down spell.  Each time you peer
at a gem look for an altar, it looks something like an upside-down anvil.
When you find it your mini-quest for that stone is about over.  If you
see any of the 'T' symbols surrounding your altar that stands for [T]raps
and could be winds (blow out torches and light spells), falling rocks,
pits, etc.  The '^' symbol stands for an energy field of sleep, poison,
fire, or lighting.  Those can be [D]ispelled by your Mage or Druide
easiest.  When you get to the altar a [S]earch commad is necessary to
pick up the stone.  All 8 stones will be used in the Abyss (see below),
and each will be used in at least one of the Altar Rooms.

--4-- Word of Passage/Bell/Book/Candle/Wheel

 The Word of Passage is VERAMOCOR.  You can get this by asking the rulers
of the castles: Serpants Hold, Empath Abbey, and The Lycaeum of the [WORD].
 The bell is located at latitude - N'A" longitude - L'A".
 The book can be found in the library in the Lycaeum, search directly south
of the 'R' in the card catalog.
 The candle is the easiest of the three.  You must first get to the village
Cove (the easiest way is to sail into a whirlpool, then sail south into the
mountains).  Next go to the northeast corner of Cove near the Ankh... dispel
the northwesternmost energy field, go west through the two secret doors then
north into the two-square room and search.
 The wheel will simply help you to get to the Abyss, it is not actually
necessary for the completion of the game.  The coordinates for the wheel
are latitude - N'H" longitude - G'A"

--5/6--  Virtues answers & Axiom covered in Codex section

The Abyss

  The Abyss itself is a dungeon, located at latitude - O'J" longitude O'J".
  It is the most difficult dungeon in the game.  Do not attempt to enter the
Abyss until you feel confident that your character can handle the strongest
of beasts, and many times over.
  I would suggest you not enter the Abyss until you have at least 16 gems,
10 torches, 25 tremmor spells, as well as a lot of Jinx, Dispell, and Kill Spells.
You'll need a few cure spells because there are a lot of spiders wandering around
between levels.  The single most important of all of the above is the gems.
  You cannot possible make it to the chamber withot mapping each of the 8 levels.
  One thing I forgot to mention is that you should pick up the skull at
latitude - P'F" longitude - M'F" and [U]se it when you are outside of the Abyss
in order to destroy it.  Now, when you are at the entrance (coord's above, it's
surrounded by lava), you must: [U]se [BELL], [U]se [BOOK], [U]se [CAND]le..
then just [E]nter the Great Stygian Abyss....

Abyss Travel

  Many of the rooms have secret exits.  They can all be accessed by either
stepping on the right square, or moving into the right secret door.  If your
gem tells you there should be an exit someplace, step on every square in the
room until you find it.  Usually the place you need to step is near the secret
exit.  You cannot use up or down spells in the Abyss.  The only way to
descend is to reach the altar on each level, then type [U],[STONE].  At
this point a voice will ask you what virtue stems from some principle(s).
Refer back to the chart at the beginning for the answer, and type it in.
You will get a response like "Use thy stone." which simply means to use
the stone that corresponds with that virtue.  Type in the stone's color,
and the altar will disappar and be replaced by a ladder down.  Proceed
down and map the next level.  I will warn you now that 6 is the most
difficult level in the dungeon.  Do not attempt to take the shortcut,
it won't work.  Instead start by entering the secret door (in this case
I mean the one that lets you walk through an apparent wall, it's marked
with something that looks like a roll of '4' on a 6-sided dice).. then
just follow the rooms all the way around (you will have to go through
about 8 of them).  When you get to the room with all the balrons, dispell
all the energy fields, kill the balrons (easier said than done), and step
on the squares where they were.  A secret door will open up on the south
side of the room.  You shouldn't have much trouble from that point.

The Codex of Ultimate Wisdom

  Upon using the black stone of humility at the altar in dungeon level 8
of the Abyss you will be asked 12 questions.  The following is a list of all
the questions and their proper responses...

Q:What is the word of passage?
Q:What dost thou possess if all may rely upon your every word?
Q:What quality compels one to share in the journeys of others?
Q:What answers when great deeds are called for?
Q:What should be the same for Lord & Serf alike?
Q:What is loath to place the self above aught else?
Q:What shirks no duty?
Q:What, in knowing the true self knows all?
Q:What is that which Serfs are born with but Nobles must strive to obtain?
Q:If all else is imaginary, this is real...
Q:What plunges to the depths while soaring on the heights?
Q:What turns not away from any peril?
Q:If all eight virtues of the Avatar combine into and are derived from
  the three principles of Truth, Love, & Courage...
  then what is the one thing which encompasses and is the whole of all
  undeniable Truth, unending Love, and unyielding Courage?

Ultima IV Cheating

  Ok, let's face it, it's impractical to enter the Abyss without 'pumped up'
characters.  This section can help you out in that area...

Party Cheats:

Track  Sector  Byte(s)  Stat.
14     3       0C-0E    Torches, Keys, Gems
"      "       14-15    Food
"      "       17-18    Gold
"      "       3C-43    Herbs
"      "       44-5D    Spells

Character Cheats on Track 14, Sector 4:
(an example)

IOLO 00 BD 08 F0 17 20 ED FD E8 D0 F5 5C 01 C7 37 48 30 30 40 07 00 07 00
                                        /     /  /  /  /     /     /
                                    CLASS STR DEX INT MP    HP    HM

                              |                  |
                              | CONGRATULATIONS! |
                              |    Thou hast     |
                              |    completed     |
                              |    ULTIMA IV     |
                              |   Quest of the   |
                              |      AVATAR      |
                              |     in xxxxx     |
                              |  turns!  Report  |
                              |  thy feat unto   |
                              | Lord British at  |
                              | Origin Systems!  |

Solved in 70,848 moves at 1:58 A.M. on Saturday morning, October 5th, 1985.

If you need further help, you can reach me on:

->The Logic Center 312-382-1369
  ->The Adventurer's Tavern 714-538-3103

-- The Sheik / Extension 1200

10 Mins->

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Ecrans français (crack Numéro 6 et solve de Xawaks)

Crack Numéro 6
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Download Xawaks Solve Disk (french) (gzipped)

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hr map

Vue générale du jeu

                                                             update 18/03/90


                            ULTIMA IV, LA SOLUTION




  Le nom du jeu est La quete de l'avatar, d'accord ? d'accord ! Bon, il y a donc
un problème, en effet vous n'etes pas un avatar en ce moment, donc la premiere
chose que vous avez à faire, c'est d'en devenir un. Qu'est ce qu'un avatar vous
demandez vous ? C'est quelqu'un qui est expert dans chacune des huit grandes
vertues qui sont: honesty, compassion, valor, justice, sacrifice, honor,
spirituality, humility. Au cours du jeu vous devrez etre un bon garçon (ou
fille). Par exemple pour augmenter votre sacrifice, donnez des points de vie
au docteur du coin, pour augmenter votre valor, ne fuyez jamais au cours d'un
combat, pour augmenter votre compassion, donnez de l'argent aux mendiants dans
les villes. Ce sont des exemples, il y a beaucoup d'autres choses à faire pour
progresser... Pour connaitre votre niveau dans chaque vertue, il vous suffit
d'aller voir votre ami Hawkwind dans le chateau de Lord British, il s'occupe de
vous, vous aide dans votre progression et vous prévient pour "the seek elevation"
ce qui signifie qu'il vous avertit lorsque vous avez un niveau suffisant pour
devenir avatar dans une vertue donnée. (Petite astuce trouvée par XAWAKS il suffit
de faire ctrl-S pour voir le niveau de votre personnage dans chaque vertue. Il y a
8 fois 2 chiffres, chaque groupe de 2 chiffres correspondant à une virtue, et est
codé de façon suivante: 00:avatar 99:good for élèvation 01-98:bad to good).


  Ce jeu est plein de petits trucs que vous devrez trouver. Déja, il y a les huit
runes, une pour chaque vertues, puis les huit mantra encore une fois, une pour
chaque vertue. Mais dans ce jeu, rien ne peut etre trouvé par chance, vous devez
le trouver comme vous le pouvez, quelque part dans Britannia (le monde d'Ultima 4).
Il y a quelqu'un quelque part qui vous attend pour vous parler d'une rune, d'un
mantra ou sur la localisation d'un item si vous savez le faire parler...
La rune et le mantra sont souvent (j'ai dit souvent...) situés dans la ville de
la vertue correspondante.

             VILLE                             VERTUE
            -------                           --------

             YEW                              JUSTICE
             BRITAIN                          COMPASSION
             JHELOM                           VALOR
             TRINSIC                          HONOR
             SKARA BRAE                       SPIRITUALITY
             THE RUINS OF MAGINCIA            HUMILITY
             MINOC                            SACRIFICE
             MOONGLOW                         HONESTY

  Vous pouvez trouver à peu près ceci en parlant avec Lord British, qui se trouve au
second niveau de son chateau. Pour trouver des renseignements, parler à tout le monde,
à n'importe quelle personne pouvant vous aider dans les villes/chateaux/villages.
Beaucoup de gens savent des choses tres importantes... d'abord, demandez leurs leur nom,
puis leur travail et ensuite  engager la discussion suivant leurs réponses, si par
exemple quelqu'un vous dit: "I know of the stone" et bien tapez: "stone" et voyez sa
réponse et marquez la sur un bout de papier, ceci est le plus important, en effet toutes
les discussions que vous aurez devront etre reécrites sur papier pour ne pas les oublier
et pour noter les choses importantes, moi meme à la fin du jeu j'avais près de 20 feuilles
de notes (N.D.X. moi j'en avais deux classeurs avec plans compris...). Marquez sur un
papier séparé les runes et mantras (petit mot de deux ou quatre lettres). Lorsque vous
avez un mantra allez prier dans le temple (shrine) corespondant durant trois cycles.
Lorsque Hawkwind vous dira d'aller dans le temple (N.D.X. ou lorsque l'octet correspondant
est à 99) après avoir rentré trois fois le mantra, l'écran va flasher, et vous serez
informé que vous venez de devenir un partial avatar dans la vertue correspondante.
Faites ceci pour les huit vertues et vous deviendrez un avatar, et donc vous pourrez
enfin commencer la quete...
Plus facile à dire qu'à faire...


  Un petit mot sur eux, en effet, de temps en temps vous pouvez voir apparaitre sortant
du sol des rectangles bleus qui disparaissent peu de temps ensuite, je les explique
rapidement, ce sont des moongate en francais des portes de téléportation agissant suivant
les phases de la lune. Elles vous transporteront n'importe où dans Britannia si vous
savez les utiliser et vous économiserez force et nourriture...


  Une des premières choses que vous aurez à faire est de tuer assez de monstres pour
pouvoir vous acheter un Sextant. Cet objet est indispensable pour trouver sa route dans
l'immensité de Britannia, surtout si vous avez une version piraté du jeu et donc pas de
plan. Un Sextant peut etre acheté dans n'importe laquelle des deux guildes de Britannia
(une à Buccaneer's den et l'autre à Vesper). Pour l'avoir il suffit de posseder 900
pieces d'or et de taper D en réponse à la question du marchand. Dès que vous le possedez,
notez toutes les coordonnées des endroits où vous vous rendez, ainsi vous pourez retrouver
votre chemin facilement...


  Tout au long du chemin qu'est la quete de l'avatarhood vous devrez aussi vous procurer
des items: le livre de la verité (the book of truth), la cloche du courage (the bell of
courage), la bougie de l'amour (the candle of love), le crane du sorcier Mondain
(Mondain's skull), la corne -the horn- (que vous devrez posseder avant de devenir un
avatar car elle est indispensable pour rentrer dans un certain temple), chacune des
huit pierres et l'hélice (whell to the HMS cap)...


  N'oubliez pas de chercher des compagnons pour former votre équipe, car vous devez etre
huit pour finir le jeu, un personnage de chaque type... Les huit types différents sont:
mage / bard / fighter / druid / tinker / paladin / ranger / shepherd. Vous etes l'un des
huit donc il vous en manque sept, et vous devez les trouver... Pour les trouver, c'est
simple, si par exemple un personnage au cours d'une discussion vous dit: "I would join
thee" taper "join" en retour, et si celui-ci n'est pas du meme type que vous il se
joindra à votre équipe. N'oubliez pas que certaines personnes ne viendront avec vous
que lorsque vous serez avatar dans leur vertue, donc n'hesitez pas à demander plusieurs
fois aux memes personnes...


  Bon, maintenant que vous avez rempli votre besace de sorts et de nourriture ainsi que
de nombreuses armes, vous pouvez vous rendre dans les dongeons pour trouver les huit
pierres qui vous seront indispensables pour la suite du jeu.
D'abord, pour éviter le ridicule, achetez des torches avant de rentrer dans les dongeons.
  Pour trouver une pierre, il faut visiter un dongeon et faire tous les niveaux, en faire
un plan après un "peer at a gem" et lorsque vous trouverez un truc bizarre sur votre plan
ne ressemblant à rien de connu, notez l'itinéraire à suivre et allez voir. C'est souvent
derrière une porte secrete. Donc lorsque vous etes en face de cet autel, il vous suffit
de le fouiller et vous trouverez un pierre. Faite de meme pour les huit...


  Maintenant que vous avez les huit pierres, utilisez les pour avoir les trois parties
de votre clef. Chaque donjon possède une salle sacrée avec un autel en son centre et toutes
ces salles sont connectées entre elles, c'est à dire que vous pouvez aller d'un dongeon à
un autre en utilisant ces salles. Le but de la manoeuvre est que chaque autel possede 4
trous dans lesquels il faut insérer 4 pierres pour obtenir les trois partie de la clef.
La difficulté est que si vous entrez dans un donjon par une salle sacrée, le donjon dans
lequel vous venez de rentrer ne possede plus que cette salle sacrée l'autre a disparu,
donc pour avoir les trois parties de la clef, vous devez vous faire tous les donjons du
niveau un au niveau huit pour entrer dans les bonnes salles sacrées et pour pouvoir avoir
la clef. Confus, non ? En fait lorsque l'on a compris c'est simple, aller dans les donjons
et faite les niveaux un par un et lorsque vous trouvez une salle sacrée tapez "use stone"
et entrez les bonnes couleurs, ensuite ressortez par où vous etes entré et refaite de meme
pour un autre donjon, compris ?
Lorsque vous avez votre clef vous etes pret à continuer le jeu...


  Voici quelque chose de marrant. D'abord, soyez sur d'avoir les objets suivant: bell, book,
candle, skull, horn, whell, three part key:TLC. Si vous les avez, vous pouvez continuer,
sinon, ne formatez pas votre disk et ne vendez pas votre ordinateur, continuez vos
recherches, vous finirez bien par trouver. Ensuite allez voir Lord British et faite vous
remonter au maximun de vos points de vie puis faites les réserves de gem et de certains
sorts tel que tremmor, heal and cure. Vous n'avez pas besoin de beaucoup de nourriture
car lorsque l'on combat, on en n'utilise pas et c'est ce que l'on fait tout le temps dans
les abyss, donc...prenez également quelques torches. Bon maintenant, sautez dans votre
bateau et allez à l'entrée de "the pirate's cove" dès que vous entrerez dedans, à peu près
10 ou 15 bateau vont vous attaquer, n'essayez pas de les couler tous, contournez les
seulement et passer à coté d'eux puis quittez le bateau avant que celui-ci ne coule (je
vous conseille de sauvegarder votre partie car vous ne reussirez pas du premier coup),
essayez d'utiliser l'hélice et la corne avant de rentrer dans le golf, mais je ne vois
pas l'interet... Maintenant allez vers l'ouest et ensuite vers le nord à travers une
montagne, vous allez trouver une grande croix faite de champs électriques, mettez vous
au centre de la croix et utilisez dans cet ordre: le crane, la cloche, le livre,
la bougie. La terre tremble et l'entré des abyss apparait taper E et vous etes dedans,
bonne chance...


 D'accord, vous etes dans les abyss mais vous devez allez au niveau 8 et c'est pas une
partie de rigolade car ici les sorts Z et Y ne fonctionnent pas et il n'y a pas d'echelle
donc vous devez faire tout le niveau pour trouver l'autel vous permettant de changer de
niveau. L'autel va vous poser une question et si votre reponse est correct, celui-ci se
transforme en échelle.


 Vous etes au niveau 8 devant le dernier autel, vous répondez à la question, mais là
aucune echelle n'apparait. Vous utilisez votre clef et là quelqu'un vous demande le mot
de passe, vous repondez, ensuite on va vous posez un tas d'autre question, répondez
correctement, car à la premiere erreur vous etes renvoyé en dehors des abyss et vous
avez tout à refaire. Si vous répondez correctement à toutes les questions, l'écran
flash et vous etes informé que:

         ULTIMA IV
     IN 125,000 MOVES!

(N.D.X. j'ai fini le jeu en 5,234 mouvements (avec mon fixx) qui dit mieux?)

  Voila, si vous voulez en savoir plus, regardez les autres fichiers...


Retour sommaire

hr map

Où est quoi


                   TRADUIT ET MIS EN PAGE PAR XAWAKS...



       VIRTUE                                       MANTRA
      --------                                     --------
       HONOR                                        SUMM
       SPIRITUALITY                                 OM
       SACRIFICE                                    CAH
       HUMILITY                                     LUM
       JUSTICE                                      BEH
       VALOR                                        RA
       HONESTY                                      AHM
       COMPASSION                                   MU


*  La rune de l'honor se trouve à Trinsic. Dans le coin en bas à gauche de la ville
se trouve une mare de poison avec un homme à l'interieur, un cran après et un cran
au-dessus, cherchez... Note: vous pourrez etre empoisonné en allant dans la mare
alors faite attention.

*  La rune de la Justice est dans la cellule la plus haute de Yew. Entrez dans la
cellule et après avoir tuer l'attaquant cherchez sur chaque case jusqu'à ce que vous
l'ayez trouvée... Note: les gardes ne vous attaqueront pas après votre combat...

*  La rune du Sacrifice se trouve dans les flammes de la forge à Minoc. Les flammes
ne vous bruleront pas sévèrement. Allez dans le coin inferieur droit.

*  La rune de la Compassion est à la fin d'un long couloir dirigé vers le Nord dans
la ville de Britain. Le couloir va vers la Nord puis un cran vers l'ouest cherchez
sur cette case...

*  La rune de la Spirituality se trouve dans la salle du trésor de Lord British
dans son chateau, on y entre seulement par des passages secrets...
Fouillez chaque case, mais ne volez pas le trésor...

*  La rune de la Valeur est située dans la tour Sud-Est de la ville de Jhelom. Pour
y arriver ouvrez la porte secrete dans la "inn" elle donne dans un corridor qui borde
le coté Sud de la ville, allez à l'Est, détruisez le champs magnétique et fouillez
la tour...

*  La rune de l'Humility est à Paws dans les montagnes du coin Sud-Est de la ville...

*  La rune de l'Honesty est à Moonglow. Dès que vous entrez dans la ville allez au
Nord et vous verrez de nombreuses personnes autour d'un coffre. Mettez vous sur le
coffre et fouillez... Note: Mariah est à coté alors...


*  La pierre blanche (de la spirituality) se trouve dans une clairière seulement
accessible par ballon. En gros, lorsque vous etes dans votre ballon et que vous
flottez aux alentours de FA/EA sur votre sextant, vous verrez une petite clairière de
deux carreaux de large, avec un ankh sur l'un deux. Posez vous sur l'autre carreau,
avec la touche 'X' ou 'D' et cherchez. Voila, vous avez trouvé la pierre blanche.

*  La pierre noire (de l'humility) est facile à trouver, allez près de Moonglow, là où
le téléporteur apparait, mettez vous sur cette espace et attendez que la lune
disparaisse, et alors là, cherchez...

NOTE: Toutes les autres pierres se trouvent dans les donjons. Chaque pierre se trouvant
sur un autel ou sur quelque chose y ressemblant, tous les autels peuvent etre trouvés
avec la commande 'P'eer at a gem (cette commande est tres utile, faite attention d'acheter
beaucoup de gems). Donc au bon niveau, faite 'P'eer at a gem et ensuite dirigez vous à
l'endroit indiqué par le plan.

* La pierre  bleue (de l'honesty) se trouve au niveau 7 du donjon Deceit. Si vous faite
'P'eer at a gem vous la verrez au bout d'un long couloir bloqué par de nombreux champs
de force. Utilisez le sort 'D'ispel pour les éliminer et lorsque vous arrivez au bout
du couloir et que l'autel apparait, cherchez...

* La pierre verte (de la justice) est au niveau 8 du donjon Wrong. Si vous faites
'P'eer at a gem, vous verrez une pièce dans le coin supérieur gauche (salle A), puis une
petite pièce juste à l'ouest de celle-ci (salle B). Le seul moyen de rentrer dans la salle
B est d'utiliser un passage secret dans la salle A qui est mis en evidence après avoir
fait 'D'ispell sur le champ de force du coin supérieur gauche et y avoir mis un membre de
la partie. Ensuite, il suffit de rentrer dans la salle B et de chercher...

* La pierre jaune (de la compassion) est au niveau 5 du donjon Despice. Encore une fois,
faites 'P'eer at a gem et vous verrez une salle (A) avec juste derrière elle une petite
salle (B). Entrez dans la salle A, tuez tous les monstres et regardez le mur du nord vous
y verrez un passage secret. Mettez-y un membre de la partie et ensuite allez vers la
salle B par le pont ainsi ouvert sur le lac et cherchez...

* La pierre violette (de l'honneur) est au niveau 2 du dongeon Shame, et elle est facile
à trouvez. L'autel se trouve au bout d'un grand hall desert. Et comme d'habitude cherchez
lorsque vous etes en face de celui-ci...

* La pierre orange (du sacrifice) est au niveau 7 du dongeon Covetous dans une pièce
secrete près d'un hall (pas de monstres à tuer ou quoi que ce soit à faire...) 'P'eer at
a gem et dirigez vous vers l'autel, et devinez ce qu'il faut faire...

* La pierre rouge (de la valeur) est au niveau 7 du dongeon Destard aux coordonnées
suivantes: AH/AD, pas besoin de cogiter...

                        [==AUTRES CHOSES UTILES==]

  Pour finir le jeu vous devez trouvez les objets suivants:

* book of truth -> Le livre de la verité se trouve dans la bibliothèque de
Lycaeum. Mettez vous devant la lettre 'T' et cherchez...

* candle of love -> La flamme de l'amour est dans le village caché de Cove
que l'on peut atteindre seulement par ballon. Allez dans le temple et vers le Ankh,
vous verrez un passage secret (coin superieur gauche), derrière un champ de force
vous trouverez une petite pièce, il se trouve dedans...

* bell of courage -> La cloche du courage est au milieu de l'ocean. Trouvez
vous un bateau et allez en NA/LA puis cherchez...

* the whell -> A bord d'un bateau, allez en NH/GA et cherchez...

* the silver horn -> La corne d'argent est sur une ile à KN/MN

* the Mondain's skull -> Le crane du sorcier Mondain est dans l'ocean à PF/MF

  Voici quelques coordonnées utiles...

                  NAME                          COORDONNEES
                 ------                        -------------

                  YEW                              CL/DK
                  L.B.'S CASTLE                    GM/FG
                  PAWS                             JB/GC
                  BUCCANERS DEN.                   JO/II
                  THE PIRATE'S HARBOR              OA/NO
                  JHELOM                           NO/CE
                  VESPER                           DL/MJ
                  EMPATH ABBEY                     DC/BM
                  TRINSIC                          LI/GK
                  SKARA BRAE                       IA/BG
                  MINOC                            BE/JP
                  SERPENT'S CASTLE                 PB/JC
                  BALCOR HYCLOTHE                  PA/OP
                  MOONGLOW                         IH/OI
                  THE LYCAEUM                      GL/NK
                  COVE                             FK/II

                  SHRINE OF SACRIFICE              CN/MN
                  SHRINE OF COMPASSION             FM/IA
                  SHRINE OF HONOR                  MP/FB
                  SHRINE OF HONETY                 EC/OS
                  SHRINE OF VALOR                  OF/CE
                  SHRINE OF JUSTICE                AM/EL
                  SHRINE OF HUMILITY               NI/OH
                  SHRINE OF SPIRITUALITY           *****

                  DONGEON WRONG                    BE/HO
                  DONGEON DESTARD                  KI/EI
                  DONGEON COVETOUS                 BM/JM
                  DONGEON SHAME                    GI/DK
                  DONGEON DECEIT                   EJ/PA
                  DONGEON DESPICE                  ED/FL

** NOTE: Le temple de la spiritualité ne se trouve pas à une coordonnée précise,
il suffit (!!!) pour y aller de pénétrer dans le bon téléporteur au bon moment
et vous etes directement envoyé dedans... Simple non ?

* Le dongeon Hiclothe que vous devez connaitre se trouve derrière le chateau de
Lord British. Pour y pénétrer il faut rentrer dans le chateau, aller vers le nord
puis vers l'est, ouvrez une porte, puis vous trouverez un passage secret juste au
nord derrière cette porte, prenez le puis entrez dans la grande salle, allez au
nord à travers un passage secret et vous arriverez dans une des tours du chateau
(celle du coin supérieur droit). Allez à l'est de cette piece à travers un autre
passage secret et allez à l'ouest (n'écoutez pas ce que dit l'homme). Vous verrez
une porte puis derrière une échelle, faite 'J'immy lock à l'aide d'une clef achetée
chez votre ami de la Guild. Puis entrez dans le donjon, mais notez que le seul
moyen de ressortir de ce donjon est d'utiliser le sort 'X'-it, donc assurez vous
d'en avoir un avant de descendre... Lorsque vous ressortirez vous serez
complètement perdu mais la bonne nouvelle est que vous aurez trouvez un ballon
(et ce à chaque fois que vous ressortirez du donjon car c'est le seul moyen de
repartir... Les coordonnées du lieu où vous vous trouvez maintenant sont les
suivantes: PA/OP

** end... pour plus de renseignement chargez la suite...


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Notes en vrac

                          N O T E S   E N   V R A C

                            BY SECTOR SEVENTEEN

                      TRADUIT ET MIS EN PAGE PAR XAWAKS

  Ce sont juste un tas de petites choses que vous devez savoir. Elles ne sont pas
dans un certain ordre, je les ai mises comme elles me venaient à l'esprit ou bien
comme elles venaient sur mes notes.

*  Première chose importante: Dans le jeu vous devez etre bon, ce n'est pas comme
dans les autres ultimas, où il fallait détruire tout ce qui bougeait pour avoir
une chance de gagner. Ici vous devez etre bon (gentil) à 100%, sinon adieu les
8 virtues... Donc n'attaquez jamais personne, laissez les vous attaquer, ne volez
jamais d'or ou quoi que ce soit, etc... Mais n'oubliez pas, si vous faites une
betise et que vous etes déjà un avatar dans cette virtue, et bien, ne vous croyez
pas à l'abri, vous perdrez cette virtue... OK ? Meme chose si vous mourrez,
alors faite gaffe...

* Comment trouver les passages secrets ? Facile, il suffit de regarder les blocs
des murs, ceux contenant un passage secret ont un petit point suplémentaire en
leur centre, ils se trouvent facilement une fois que l'on en a l'habitude.
Par exemple, il y en a dans le coin supérieur droit du chateau de Lord British.

* Lorsque vous voulez entrer dans les Abyss, vous devez obligatoirement y aller
en bateau car quitter le ballon est impossible.

* A propos de cette option, quitter le ballon, et bien il y a un Bug dans Ultima,
en effet, la touche [L]-AND ne fonctionne que sur terrain dégagé, mais la touche
[X]-IT directement pose le ballon n'importe où... Le problème est qu'alors, il
vous est impossible d'entrer dans certains donjons, HAWKWIND ne vous en parle
pas... mais l'avantage est que les monstres ne vous attaquent pas, alors...

* TREMMOR, voici un sort fabuleux, faites attention d'en prendre suffisament,
car pour le niveau 5 des Abyss et pour le niveau 8, là où il y a des pièces
pleines de Balrons ou de Reapers, c'est le meilleur moyen de s'en sortir !

* Si vous ne savez pas à quoi sert la corne (the horn) et bien faite un essai,
allez vers le temple de l'humility, et essayez de rentrer dedans... Ils sont
chiant ces Daemons, non ? Et bien voici à quoi sert la corne, avant de rentrer
dans la vallée et bien utilisez la et ensuite rentrez dans la vallée, maintenant
aucun Daemon n'apparaitra, et c'est mieux comme ça...

* Notes générales sur les ABYSS:
  La première chose que vos devez faire en entrant dans un niveau, c'est de
[P]-EER at a gem, pour en faire le plan (NDX: Utile, mais le plan est sur le
disk...). Ensuite, si vous entrez dans une pièce, et que vous savez que vous
devez passer au Sud et qu'il n'y a aucune sortie au Sud, ne ressortez pas avant
d'avoir essayé toutes les cases de l'écran, et ce jusqu'a ce qu'un passage secret
apparaisse... Et je vous préviens, dans les Abyss, il y a pleins de passages
secrets, de ponts dissimulés, etc...

 - Le premier niveau: Allez à l'Est, au travers de deux groupes de quatres pièces
qui se finissent dans une large pièce. Ne buvez pas de l'eau des fontaines, allez à
l'autel, utilisez votre pierre. La réponse à la question: Honesty, la pierre: blue.

 - le second niveau: Allez au travers d'un bloc de 3x3 pièces. Une fois là, ne
descendez pas l'échelle, mais prenez le passage secret qui mene dans un autre couloir,
ensuite, [D]-ispell tous les champs de force, ou bien passez au travers, et ensuite
soignez vous. Sur l'autel, utilisez la pierre, puis répondez: compassion,
la pierre: yellow.

 - le troisième niveau: facile... répondez:valor, la pierre: red

 - le quatrième niveau: allez au travers du passage secret, vers l'Est, et pas par
la porte visible. Descendez le couloir, puis traversez un passage secret, ainsi qu'un
couloir, dans le couloir suivant, vous verrez l'autel... Répondez: justice,
la pierre:green.

 - le cinquième niveau: Allez à l'opposé d'où vous etes apparu et entrez dans la salle,
ensuite, débrouillez vous et choisissez un autel, la reponse est: Sacrifice,
la pierre:orange. Vous remarquez qu'ici les passages secrets commencent à devenir

  - le sixième niveau: Alors, là, il y a de quoi s'amuser...(NDX: vu la complexité
des explications de sector seventeen, je vais simplifier, ce qui suit est donc de moi)
Alors, voici, les salles, ou plutot le groupe des 12 salles de ce niveau est
arrangé comme ceci:

           1   2
       3   4   5
       6   7   8   9
              11  12

  Alors, c'est simple, il suffit de rentrer dans la salle 1 par le cote Est, puis salle 4,
puis salle 3, ensuite, salle 6, puis 7, puis 4, enfin 5, 8, 9 et pour finir 12. Le passage
de la salle 5 à 8 et celui de 8 à 9 se fait par passage secret, chercher bien...
Le parcours à faire est obligatoirement celui-ci, alors si vous ne trouvez pas comment
passer d'une salle à une autre, essayez (une fois que tous les monstres sont tués) de
marcher sur chaque case de l'écran, des fois, une case ouvre un passage secret qui ouvre
une case, cette case ouvrant un autre passage secret, alors, ne desespérez pas...
Au fait, répondez: Honor, la pierre: purple (ici Sector seventeen reprend la parole...)

 - Le septième niveau: Et un des plus simple, il suffit d'aller au Nord/Ouest au travers
de couloirs et de salles. La réponse est: Spirituality, la pierre: White.

 - Le huitième et dernier niveau: Courage, la fin est proche, mais aussi bien la votre,
que celle du jeu... Car ce niveau est vraimment l'apothéose, ici les passages secrets
ne se comptent plus... Bon, alors le niveau regroupe deux blocs de salles, le premier
est arrangé comme ceci:

       1   2   3
       4   5   6
       7   8

 Entrez dans la salle 1 (par une porte secrete), et allez dans la salle 2, puis 3,6,5,4,
et enfin dans la numero 7. Une fois là, tuez tous les monstres, puis mettez un membre de
l'équipe dans le coin en haut à gauche pendant que l'espèce de machin s'agrandit, puis
envoyez un autre menbre de l'équipe dans le coin extrème supérieur droit, et là une
porte secrète doit s'ouvrir, utilisez la et partez vers le deuxième bloc de salle...
(NDX: je crois qu'il est possible de partir directement par la salle 3 sans passer par
les autres)
 Ce nouveau groupe de salle est comme ceci:

           2   3
       4   5   6

 La pièce numéro 6 contient l'entr{e de la chambre du Codex (le but du jeu). Allez dans
la salle 4, puis 5 (ici gaffe au mal de tete...) après avoir tué tous les monstres,
mettez un membre de l'équipe sur le coffre, une porte s'ouvrira au Nord MAIS N'ALLEZ
PAS PAR CETTE PORTE !!!, elle vous enverrait dans la salle numéro 2, qui va quand meme
à la salle 6 mais après avoir tué 30 ou 40 Balrons... Bon revenons à nos moutons,
lorsque vous avez ouvert la porte au Nord en mettant un gars sur le coffre, un bloc de
mur dans le coin inférieur droit est devenu un passage secret... Et en mettant un gars
sur ce passage, un passage s'ouvre directement sur la salle 6, c'est à dire la chambre du
Codex... Répondez: Humility, la pierre: Black. Ensuite, l'ordinateur va vous posez un
nombre assez important de questions, la première étant: "quel est le mot de passage ?"
vous devez répondre: "VERAMOCOR", ensuite les questions sont simples, en voici les
réponses dans l'ordre:
Honesty, Compassion, Valor, Justice, Sacrifice, Honor, Spirituality, Humility, Truth,
Love, Courage, Infinity... (faite attention de tout bien taper, sans faute, car à la
première erreur, vous etes renvoyez dehors, et donc devez tout recommencez...)
Voilà, vous avez fini le jeu. Le dessin qui apparait après chaque bonne réponse est
le symbole de l'avatar...

* Pour augmenter votre Honesty: Ne voler jamais de l'or dans les villes ou les chateaux.

* Pour augmenter votre Compassion: Donner au mendiants (beggars)

* Pour augmentez votre Valor: Ne quitter jamais un combat avant la fin.

* Pour augmentez votre Justice: Je pense... etre honnete, je ne sais pas moi, etre un

* Pour augmentez votre Sacrifice: Donner des points de vie au Healers (blood)

* Pour augmentez votre Honor: ...Bonne question ! regardez à Justice

* Pour augmentez votre Spirituality: Priez beaucoup...

* Pour augmentez votre Humility: Lorsque l'on vous pose des questions, dans les villes
ou les chateaux, faite attention à ce que vous répondez, ne mentez jamais. Si par
exemple quelqu'un vous demande si vous suivez tout le temps le chemin de la vérité
et de la bonté, répondez non ! car personne ne le peut !!
Vous avez compris ? Faite très attention à cela, car cela peut vous gacher des heures
et des heures de jeu...

* Sur l'autel de l'amour, utilisez les pierres: green, orange, yellow, white

* Sur l'autel de la vérité, utilisez les pierres: green, purple, blue, white

* Sur l'autel du courage, utilisez les pierres: orange, purple, white, red

* Pour trouvez de la Mandrake, cherchez à DG/LG lorsque la lune est noire.

* Pour trouve de la Nightshade, cherchez à JF/CO lorsque la lune est noire.

* Le sort Gate se compose de : ash, pearl, mandrake
  Le sort Cure se compose de : garlic, ginsen
  Le sort Energy             : ash, pearl, silk
  Le sort Fireball           : pearl, ash
  Le sort Iceball            : pearl, mandrake
  Le sort Open               : ash, blood moss
  Le sort Protection         : ash, ginsen, garlic
  Le sort Quick              : ash, ginsen, blood moss
  Le sort Ressurect          : ash, ginsen, garlic, silk, moss, mandrake
  Le sort Tremmor            : ash, blood moss, mandrake
  Le sort X-it               : ash, silk, blood moss
  Le sort Ladder up/down     : blood moss, silk

* Pour les portes de téléportation, en premier, la clef

  Moonglow     - pas de lune
  Minoc        - pleine lune
  Jhelom       - 1/2 de lune  avec le noir à gauche
  N/W of Yew   - 3/4   "      avec le noir à gauche
  Lord British - 1/4   "      avec le noir à gauche
  S of Trinsic - 3/4   "      avec le noir à droite
  Skara Brae   - 1/2   "      avec le noir à droite
  Magincia     - 1/4   "      avec le noir à droite

  Maintenant, les explications, en haut de l'écran, vous avez vu qu'il y
avait deux lunes ! Et bien la première représente le lieu où apparait la
porte, et la deuxième représente le lieu où vous vous retrouverez si vous
entrez dans la porte... C'est simple non ? Si, si, vous verrez avec la

* Pour avoir vos points de vie au maximum, allez voir Lord British, et
parler lui de "health" (NDX: surtout ne pas le faire si vous avez trafiqué
vos personnages car là, vous perdrez tous vos points, et LB vous remettra
juste à votre niveau normal, c'est à dire le max correspondant à votre
experience réelle ! compris ?)

* L'endroit le moins cher pour acheter de la nourriture est Skara Brae,
25 portions pour seulement 20 GP...

* Une astuce si vous etes empoisonné, et que vous vous trouvez loin d'un
healer, et sans sort Cure ou Heal, et bien lancez un sort [E]lectric field,
choisissez [S] pour sleep et marcher dedans. Ainsi vous dormirez jusqu'à ce
que votre équipe puisse vous soigner... Et si on n'a pas non plus de sort E,
on fait quoi ?

* Vous cherchez un ballon ? allez voir le dongeon HYCLOTHE

* Pour un bateau, c'est plus dur: Attendez d'en trouvez un...

* Dans les guilds, achetez beaucoups de GEMS et de KEYS mais plus de 20
torches est absolument superflu...

* Où est qui:

     PERSONNE                       TYPE      LIEU
    ----------                     ------    ------
      IOLO                          BARD      BRITAIN
      MARIAH                        MAGE      MOONGLOW
      GEOFFREY                      FIGHTER   JHELOM
      JULIA                         SHEPHERD  MINOC
      KATRINA                       TINKER    MAGINCIA
      DUPRE                         PALADIN   TRINSIC
      JAANA                         DRUID     YEW
      SHAMINO                       CLERIC    SKARA BRAE

N'oubliez pas: si vous etes Cleric, Iolo ne se joindra pas à vous, ...

* Rappel de l'équivalence vertue et pierre:

      VERTUE           PIERRE
      ------           ------
      Honesty          Blue
      Compassion       Yellow
      Valor            Red
      Justice          Green
      Sacrifice        Orange
      Honor            Purple
      Spirituality     White
      Humility         Black

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                                                             Update 19/05/90

                        ULTIMA FIXX PAR LE GRAND XAWAKS

 Les paramètres (17 en tout!) à changer sont sur le disk 'BRITTANIA', fichier
'ROST' (A$EC00,L$200), c'est à dire à partir de la piste $14, secteur $04 :
les personnages se trouvent tous les $04+($20*(X-1)) octets.

Paramètres donnés pour le personnage n°1 :

Nom             : P$14,S$04,O$04 (MAX. SUR 9 OCTETS)
Qualitées : STR : P$14,S$04,O$17 (MAX.99)
---------   DEX : P$14,S$04,O$18 (MAX.99)
            INT : P$14,S$04,O$19 (MAX.99)
            MP  : P$14,S$04,O$1A (MAX.99)

Armure : P$14,S$04,O$23
------   SKIN          - VALEUR : 0
         CLOTH                    1
         LEATHER                  2
         CHAIN MAIL               3
         PLATE MAIL               4
         MAGIC CHAIN              5
         MAGIC PLATE              6
         MAGIC ROBE               7

Arme  : P$14,S$04,O$22
----     HANDS         - VALEUR : 0
         STAFF                    1
         DAGGER                   2
         SLING                    3
         MACE                     4
         AXE                      5
         SWORD                    6
         BOW                      7
         CROSS BOW                8
         FLAMING OIL              9
         HALBERD                  A
         MAGIC AXE                B
         MAGIC SWORD              C
         MAGIC BOW                D
         MAGIC WAND               E
         MAGIC SWORD              F

Condition : P$14,S$04,O$0F
---------   GOOD       - VALEUR : C7
            POISONED              CF
            ASLEEP                D2
            DEAD                  C4

Hit points : P$14,S$04
----------   HIT POINTS : O$1C+$1D (MAX.9999)
             MAXIMUM HP : O$1E+$1F (MAX.9999)

Experience : EXP : P$14,S$04,O$20+$21 (MAX.9999)
Equipement : P$14,S$03
----------   FOOD     : O$14+$15 (MAX.9999)
             GOLD     : O$17+$18 (MAX.9999)
             TORCHES  : O$0C (MAX.99)
             GEMS     : O$0D (MAX.99)
             KEYS     : O$0E (MAX.99)
             SEXTANTS : O$0F (MAX.99)

Ingrédients : P$14,S$03
-----------  SULFUR ASH  : O$3C (MAX.99)
             GINSENG     : O$3D (MAX.99)
             GARLIC      : O$3E (MAX.99)
             SPIDER SILK : O$3F (MAX.99)
             BLOOD MOSS  : O$40 (MAX.99)
             BLACK PEARL : O$41 (MAX.99)
             NIGHTSHADE  : O$42 (MAX.99)
             MANRAKE     : O$43 (MAX.99)

Spells : P$14,S$03
------    AWAKEN         : O$44 (MAX.99)
          BLINK          : O$45 (MAX.99)
          CURE           : O$46 (MAX.99)
          DISPELL        : O$47 (MAX.99)
          ENERGY         : O$48 (MAX.99)
          FIREBALL       : O$49 (MAX.99)
          GATE           : O$4A (MAX.99)
          HEAL           : O$4B (MAX.99)
          ICEBALL        : O$4C (MAX.99)
          JINX           : O$4D (MAX.99)
          KILL           : O$4E (MAX.99)
          LIGHT          : O$4F (MAX.99)
          MAGIC MISSILE  : O$50 (MAX.99)
          NEGATE         : O$51 (MAX.99)
          OPEN           : O$52 (MAX.99)
          PROTECTION     : O$53 (MAX.99)
          QUICK          : O$54 (MAX.99)
          RESSURECT      : O$55 (MAX.99)
          SLEEP          : O$56 (MAX.99)
          TREMOR         : O$57 (MAX.99)
          UNDEAD         : O$58 (MAX.99)
          VIEW           : O$59 (MAX.99)
          WINDS          : O$5A (MAX.99)
          X-IT           : O$5B (MAX.99)
          Z ( LADDER-UP  : O$5C (MAX.99)
            ( LADDER-DOWN: O$5D (MAX.99)

Avatarhood : P$14,S$03,  O$04 --> O$0B
  Ici se trouve les codes d'avatarhood dans chaque virtue, ils sont à
00 lorsque vous etes devenus un avatar dans la virtue corespondante au byte.
Sinon de 01 à 98 de mauvais à très bon et 99 vous etes bon pour l'élévation !

Items : P$14,S$03
-----      RUNES               : O$10 --> FF (toutes)
           STONES              : O$11 --> FF (toutes)
           BELL,BOOK,CANDLE    : O$12 --> 77
           THREE PART KEYS TLC : O$13 --> 07
           WHELL, SKULL        : O$14 --> 07

     Voila ce superbe Fixx est fini, maintenant si vous ne finissez pas le
jeu en un temps record, achetez vous une console...


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                                                            Update 19/05/90


    Salut, les applemaniaques de toutes formes,

  Voici donc les remerciements, car sans certaines personnes de mon entourage
cette solution n'aurait pas pu exister...

  Un grand merci tout d'abord à GDF pour son programme Hello, en espérant qu'il
ne m'en voudra pas...

  Merci donc à : (par ordre de préférence)

   - Xawaks (moi donc !)
   - Jérome de Lyon ( qui comme d'habitude mit son minitel à contribution et
qui depuis peu se sert de cette solution pour finir le jeu sur Atari...)
car c'est lui qui m'a donné le virus des Ultimas... et pour cela, je ne le
remercierai jamais assez...
   - Binou (mon amour) qui me supporte depuis fort longtemps et qui me
pardonne lorsque je commence à lui parler des Ultimas ou des Solves,
(mais elle sait bien qu'elle passe loin devant les Ultimas lorsqu'elle est
avec moi, alors...)
   - The Monz qui me fournit la solution de sector seventeen...
   - Le Grand Tom mon voisin (alias Magnum depuis peu) qui déteste la serie
des Ultimas... et qui désire rester idiot... lorsqu'on est con... mais on
lui en veut pas et on lui dit merci quand meme pour ce qu'il n'a pas fait...
   - Tous ceux qui ont pris ce soft et qui vont le redistribuer...

  Voila, je crois n'avoir oublié personne, au cas où, j'espére qu'ils ne
m'en voudront pas...



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Prochains disks

                                                             Update 19/05/90

                               PROCHAINS DISKS

   Je dois vous dire franchement que je n'ai aucune idée de mes prochains

 A part dans la serie des ultimas...

     *  Xawaks Ultima I solve disk
     *  Xawaks Ultima II solve disk
     *  Xawaks Ultima III solve disk
     *  Xawaks Ultima V solve disk

qui sont en préparation, ou plutot en attente... ainsi que le

     * Xawaks Ultima VI solve disk

             qui vous sera presenté en exclusivité

  En attendant, bon jeu et à la prochaine...


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