Mardi 17/01/2006.

eBay ou la folie furieuse (suite) !!!!!!

Oyez, oyez...

Voici la suite des aventures de la cote vertigineuse des softs Apple II sur ebay.

Folie ebay

Le constat de la hausse sensible des prix a donné des idées à certains qui s'imaginent que tout ce qui a un rapport avec cette machine ne peut que se transformer en or.

Ils proposent ainsi des objets à des tarifs à tomber le cul par terre.
Bien entendu, devant tant de débilité, personne ne bide mais il n'empêche que l'on revoit surgir les mêmes enchères régulièrement avec des fois les prix majorés!!!!

Il y a d'abord tout ce qui touche de près ou de loin à Steve Wozniak.
On avait déjà vu le constructeur de jouets playmobiles sortir un modèle à tirage limité à l'effigie (c'est vite dit!!) de Steve... qui s'étant écoulé en quelques minutes seulement...
On pourrait presque se demander si quelques uns ne prennent pas le Maître pour une corne d'abondance en récupérant tout ce qu'il a pu mettre noir sur blanc. Certains essaient même de lui faire écrire quelques mots (dédicaces, ...) et revendent le résultat à des prix astronomiques en les faisant passer pour des collectors.

Steve pourrait presque refaire la scène " These are the fluids of my body " du génial film de Peter Greenaway " The Baby Of Mâcon ".

Corne abondance

Un exemple pour la modique somme de ... 700 dollars!!! (Et encore, c'est le prix de départ...)

STEVE WOZNIAK - AUTOGRAPH NOTE SIGNED 03/16/1998 (Item number: 6594881106)

Starts at: US $700.00
Estimate:  US $850.00 - US $1,700.00
Auction Date:  Jan-15-06 10:00:00 PST
Item location: Las Vegas, NV USA
Seller information : historydirect ( 203)

STEVE WOZNIAK. ANS: "Woz", 1p, 8x8. No place, 1998 March 16.
In full: "these sketches [not included] are very similar to the early Apple designs,
at least in format and first appearance. They are not, 25 years later, exact parts
of the Apple II circuit. I'd have had to 'cheat'." Wozniak and Steve Jobs founded
Apple Computers and turned Apple from a garage business into a multi-billion dollar
enterprise. Lightly creased. Fine condition.

Please note that this item is an original, authentically signed historical document.
Please do not be fooled by others selling copies/reprints as originals.

A great hobby for all ages!
A memorable & special gift!
A unique centerpiece for the home or office!
A collectible with proven investment merit!
A hands on way of learning & remembering history!
Authenticity: This document has been authenticated and is accompanied by our Certificate
of Authenticity. The Certificate is issued by our parent company, Gallery of History, Inc.,
and bears Mr.Axelrod 's signature. Our Certificate of Authenticity is recognized by every
major insurance carrier worldwide and we financially stand behind it. We have an
outstanding reputation for the thoroughness of our research, for our business integrity
and for our service to our clients.

Steve Wozniak

Fric Apple

A présent, un exemple d'enchère qui revient régulièrement avec un prix de départ de taré. Il s'agit du jeu de rôle Moebius proposé ici pour quelques dollars. M'enfin... 400 quand même!!!!!! (Le vendeur a proposé aussi au même tarif un original de 2400 AD).

MIB Origin Apple II Moebius NEVER OPENED!

price: US $400.00
Ended: Nov-15-05 19:45:52 PST
Start time: Nov-08-05 19:45:52 PST
Item location: Midwest (United States)
Ships to: Worldwide
Seller information : mikeymad2 ( 2400)

This is a never opened Mobious game for Apple II.(64k required!)
has the original broderbrund sticker on the outer plastic shrink wrap.
Box is very nice,sharp corners,No tears in the plastic!
What a great addition to an Apple collectors collection! GREAT gift!
I have a few sealed games listed this week,please have a look!
Shipping 8.00 in the US. This includes a delivery confirmation.
international will be higher.
please read my about me page before bidding,especially if you are new to ebay.


Fric Apple

A présent un "collector" pour lequel je cherche encore à comprendre la raison du prix annoncé de ... 299$ US

*NR* *VERY RARE* Apple Pascal poster by Jef Raskin

Original print of the famous Apple Pascal poster (Item number: 8752634207)
Starting bid: US $299.00

Time left: 3 days 20 hours
5-day listing, Ends Jan-21-06 10:06:11 PST
Start time: Jan-16-06 10:06:11 PST
History: 0 bids
Item location: Batesville, Indiana (United States)
Ships to: United States
Seller information : corwinakira ( 36)

This poster is legendary in Apple circles. Lucas Wagner did an extensive
write-up on it a few years back detailing how Raskin's name was omitted from
the poster, which generated a lot of discussion on the Net.
I had the good fortune to be working at an Apple dealer back in 1981 when Apple
handed these out to us. My print spent several years with one of my friends at
Carnegie Mellon University, then later "returned home" to hang in my cubicles
at Apple and General Magic.

Reframed in 1988 into its present frame. There are some small faded spots in the
black areas of the poster, particularly near the edges. Otherwise, this print is
in excellent shape with no physical damage. It has not been exposed to any UV,
so the colors are still bright and sharp. (Click on detail pictures for larger images).
If you're a geek who has been dreaming of getting hold of one of these gems, now
is your chance to grab this rare find.

Jef Raskin

Fric Apple

Un des premiers jeux d'aventure graphique voire le premier fut Mystery House. Bien qu'il soit devenu un freeware, le prix d'un original atteint toujours des tarifs pas possible. Dans la dernière vente, le montant atteint la somme de 202,5$ US.

MYSTERY HOUSE for the APPLE II from ON-LINE/Sierra (Item number: 5841741688)

Winning bid:    US $202.50
Ended: Dec-19-05 09:44:32 PST
Start time: Dec-12-05 09:44:32 PST
History: 10 bids   (US $19.95 starting bid)
Winning bidder: bryron ( 3103)
Item location:  Barrington, Il (United States)
Ships to: Worldwide

Seller information : rogers-racingteam ( 759)

For the Apple II. This software boots and is playable.
this is the highly collectible and rare Mystery House published in 1980
by On-line Systems(the preceding company to Sierra On-Line)
It is Hii-Res Adventure #1 written by Ken & Roberta Williams, the founders
of the company (Very nice people who I Have personnally met anumber of times).
Included is the original disk and the original baggy jacket.
A baggy is included but not the original baggy.
I don't believe there was a maNUAL or instruction sheet.
I have seen this software previously sell for over $150.00
I am starting out at $19.95 with NO RESERVE.  Good Luck.

Mystery House

Fric Apple

Et à présent une série rapide de softs entre 100 et 200$ US...

Vintage Computer Air Combat Apple II Game (Item number: 8248360271)

Winning bid: US $192.50
Ended: Jan-08-06 21:02:12 PST
Start time: Jan-01-06 21:02:12 PST
History: 9 bids   (US $5.00 starting bid)
Winning bidder: osgorth ( 1335)
Item location: Chicago, Illinois (United States)
Ships to: Worldwide

Seller information : teach1026 ( 151)

Here is a vintage Apple II computer game called Computer Air Combat.
Both the game box and the diskettes are in very good condition.
Included are two diskettes, a rule book with historical background,
two laminated game information cards, two aircraft data cards, a game
selection card, ang two marking pencils. The box states Strategic Simulations,
Inc. 1980. The game runs on Apple II with Applesoft ROM Card or Apple II
Plus 48K Memory & 1 Mini Floppy Disk Drive.

Computer Air Combat
Computer Air Combat

Fric Apple

TIME ZONE vintage role playing game for APPLE II 2 1981

Winning bid: US $127.50
Ended: Oct-26-05 18:52:31 PDT
Start time: Oct-19-05 18:52:31 PDT
History: 14 bids   (US $4.95 starting bid)
Winning bidder: finesse ( 570)
Item location: Arizona (United States)
Ships to: Worldwide

This auction is for a vintage computer role playing game for the Apple II,
and Apple II+ personal computer. This item is in excellent condition with
original box, six 5.25 inch floppy discs, instruction book, and wall poster.
Box has some light storage wear, mostly at the edges.
Contents of the box are in near mint condition.
Dont miss your chance to get this rare, early software title.
Save the earthlings of the future from evil Nebulons with your time machine!
See my other interesting items, and save on shipping for multiple auction wins.
US Buyer pays 4.00 shipping cost.
Seller information : mrtexsun ( 1181)

Time Zone
Time Zone
Time Zone

Fric Apple

Apple II Vintage Dark Crystal SierraVenture RARE (Item number: 8705264298)

Winning bid:    US $127.50
Ended: Oct-09-05 19:30:19 PDT
Start time: Oct-06-05 19:30:19 PDT
History: 11 bids   (US $9.99 starting bid)
Winning bidder: 3876cat ( 706)
Item location: Western, NY (United States)
Ships to: Worldwide
Seller information : ra9606 ( 401)

This auction is for the Apple II game Dark Crystal Hi-Res Adventure #6 by SierraVenture.
I booted the game without any problems.
Please note that the poster is not included
Please see my other auctions for more great Apple II games!! I will combine multiple wins to save on shipping costs.
This item is sold as is
Apple II, Apple IIe, Apple IIc, Apple II+, Apple IIgs, vintage game, Sierra, on-line, on-line systems, online systems,sierra venture.

Dark Crystal
Dark Crystal

Fric Apple

QUESTRON( BIG BOX )-Vintage Apple Game-by SSI-1983 RARE (Item number: 8711973864)

Current bid: US $107.50   (Reserve not met)
Ended: Oct-30-05 09:00:00 PST
Start time: Oct-23-05 10:00:00 PDT
History: 7 bids   (US $9.99 starting bid)
High bidder: aragonian_sword ( 382)
Item location: Mt.Holly,N.J. (United States)
Ships to: Worldwide

Seller information : claresclutter ( 46)

QUESTRON ( BIG BOX )-RARE / A Vintage Apple II,II+,IIe game by SSI
( Strategic Simulations Inc.) - 1983. Game includes (6) Original Apple
game disks - three disk #1 & three disk #2, (1) Original players manual,
(1) Original Players Game Card and the Original Box.
All materials are in near new condition. The box IS NOT soiled, torn or cut.
It has small white edges on the top and bottom left corners.
The face of lid, near the top, is slightly depressed ( as seen in the photo )
from the weight of a game box on top of it.
The contents and the box ( front & back ) are shown in the photos.


Fric Apple

Lisa Assembly Language Apple II 6502 Assembler RARE (Item number: 8706354134)

Winning bid: US $102.50
Ended: Oct-14-05 23:39:15 PDT
Start time: Oct-07-05 23:39:15 PDT
History: 9 bids   (US $5.00 starting bid)
Winning bidder: bryron ( 2992)
Item location:  San Jose, California (United States)
Ships to: United States
Seller information : a2zauctions888 ( 94)

LISA ver 2.5 by Randy Hyde (1981 by Online Systems)

Rare and Vintage Apple II software
A professional assembly language development system for Apple Computers (Apple II)
What is LISA?
LISA (pronounced LI ZA, not LE SA) is an interactive 6502 assembler language for the Apple II.
It was carefully designed to suit the needs of the beginners and advanced programmers alike.

What does LISA require?

LISA is a disk based product. Minimum requirements include at least one disk drive
and 48K bytes of RAM. LISA 2.5 64K requires a language card for proper operation.

Included in this auction :

Faux leather bound medium sized binder with LISA logo and On-Line Systems logo.
Binder measures 7 in. by 9 in

Lisa on 5.25 with additional master copy

102 page manual on using LISA

Printout of catalog disk volume Side A and Side B

Original reciept of purchase from Computer Plus once located on 1328 So.
Mary in Sunnyvale, California. Purchase price of 79.95 on BankAmericard
by a Stevens S Lorence on 5-18-1982


Fric Apple

Sundog Frozen Legacy v2 by Zoom Action, Apple II Series (Item number: 8242610148)

Winning bid: US $100.50
Ended: Dec-18-05 20:31:49 PST
Start time: Dec-11-05 20:31:49 PST
History: 4 bids   (US $24.99 starting bid)
Winning bidder: turtlenetsl ( 117)
Item location: Apple Valley (United States)
Ships to: Worldwide

Seller information : tmi002 ( 1208)

Sundog: Frozen Legacy by ZoomAction
-- Version 2.0
-- Complete in the Original Box
-- Science Fiction Adventure Role-Playing for the Apple II
One of the most detailed and complete Science Fiction games for the Apple II.
Travel through a vast universe, with over twelve star systems, eighteen planets, and fifty cities.
Game takes place in both first and third person perspectives.
Travel from city to city, entering many different types of building, including bars, shops, and trading centers.
Interact with numerous people, including salesmen, hustlers, and criminals.
Modify your ship by changing out simple components for more efficient ones, or replacing damaged parts.
Ground and space combat with a variety of weapons.
Full color graphics (color monitor or TV required)

Game Requirements:

Apple II, II+, IIe, or IIc (may also work on IIgs in IIe emulation mode)
64K RAM (or more)
One 5.25? Floppy Disk Drive
Two Button Joystick
Color Monitor or TV (recommended but not required)

Software is complete in the original box.
Disk was tested just prior to this auction listing and works perfectly.